Timely Messages.
Solid Research.
Lasting Inspiration.
Practical Takeaways.

Timely Messages.
Solid Research.
Lasting Inspiration.
Practical Takeaways.

Named one of the top 60 motivational speakers in America

Over twenty years as a professional writer, speaker, and coach have given her an abundance of relevant content to effectively inspire and teach the skills of resilience, happiness, and success.

Named one of the top 60 motivational speakers in America

Over twenty years as a professional writer, speaker, and coach have given her an abundance of relevant content to effectively inspire and teach the skills of resilience, happiness, and success.

Speaking Topics

You are capable of far more than you know. Scientific studies prove successful people think differently than the average person. They make decisions differently, set goals differently, and bounce back from failure and adversity differently.  In this intriguing and energetic presentation, Valorie Burton will help you and your audience:

  • Pinpoint your thinking style and make adjustments to improve performance
  • Understand why talent isn’t enough and how to develop the self-control that will take you to the next level
  • Understand why how you explain your success and failure predicts more about your potential than you think
  • How to focus on solutions, not problems.

This powerful presentation is based on Valorie’s national bestselling book, Successful Women Think Differently.

In a world increasingly demanding equity, inclusion and belonging for all, what is your individual contribution? And how do you resiliently navigate the emotions of topics that feel professionally-taboo yet very real and sometimes uncomfortable in everyday life?

In this engaging, researched-based interactive presentation, bestselling author, executive coach and positive psychology expert Valorie Burton equips attendees with a set of tools to increase connectedness in the workplace.  Using a thought-provoking and engaging workshop-style format, attendees will learn concepts such as cultural humility and racial empathy, and apply coaching and positive psychology principles to navigate important conversations and dynamics at work. Her message will leave attendees with a fresh perspective on their specific role in fostering a sense of belonging for all in the workplace.

This message is adapted from Successful Women Think Differently for audiences that include men and women.

In a world of constant change and uncertainty, success requires the ability to adapt and thrive no matter what challenges arise. Valorie Burton will help you understand how to create the building blocks of resilience so you can:

  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Maximize opportunities
  • Develop the thinking style research proves helps you succeed under pressure – Find your joy and maintain a positive perspective
  • Navigate disappointments in a way that makes you better, not bitter.

In this practical, engaging conversation, Valorie will equip you with a survival toolkit to face any challenge that comes your way!

Even the most efficient among us feel as if we’re racing the clock every day – and we still never seem to get it all done. The new norms of modern life tap into psychological impulses that make it harder than ever to take control of our time. In this message based on her acclaimed book of the same name, Valorie Burton inspires and teaches practical research-based discoveries to help you understand:

  • Why so many of us live in “time poverty” and how you can climb out of it
  • How to stop digital distractions from creating false urgencies that drain your time
  • Where you can reallocate your time to reflect the values and priorities that matter most
  • How to pinpoint the core vulnerabilities that are keeping you stuck in time debt

What if you could coach yourself in five minutes or less to think clearly through a major decision or an emotional dilemma? Coaching is a powerful tool to create personal clarity, build a positive environment, and facilitate progress towards critical goals. Valorie will give your audience principles and research-based techniques they can use immediately to fulfill their potential facilitate growth in others. As Valorie shares her proven 5-step coaching process, you will discover how to:

  • Transform a scattered brain into a focused mind that accomplishes your daily goals.
  • Lay your head on your pillow at night feeling peace about your decisions.
  • Control the emotions that cause you to procrastinate, spend emotionally, and sabotage your own success.

Expectations for what you “should” accomplish and how your life “should” look are higher than ever – and so is the tendency to feel guilty. Left unchecked, that guilt can drive decisions, drain your emotions, and rule your relationships. In this life-changing message, life coach and bestselling author Valorie Burton teaches a simple but profound method that frees you from the “false guilt” that is so common today. Through the power of stories and research, she shows you how to:

  • Recognize and overcome the thought patterns of guilt
  • Notice and conquer the guilt gender gap
  • Why the personality trait most likely to predict success can also leave you prone to guilt
  • Stop guilt from sneaking its way into your everyday decisions and interactions
  • Stop setting yourself up for stress, anxiety and obligation and set yourself up for joy, productivity and freedom

Are you setting the right goals? How do you know?  Are your team members’ strategies for reaching goals as effective as they could be?  Does your team have the traits needed to reach major goals—and if not, do you know how to develop those traits?

In this fun and fast-paced session, Valorie Burton shares practical, research-based methods to reach your goals faster, more easily and more consistently.

In this highly engaging and interactive session, you’ll learn:

  • Three foundational principles of effective goal setting. They’re rarely discussed, yet without them your goals are likely to falter or fizzle.
  • How to set a goal in a way that challenges but doesn’t overwhelm you or your team
  • The 7 Building Blocks of the “goal getting” process.
  • Which of the 7 Building Blocks you already possess, where you have gaps that need to be filled—and how to close those gaps.
  • How to spot and eliminate “Goal Fatigue,” a little-known phenomenon that impacts leaders and employees in demanding environments.
  • Create meaningful goals that boost happiness.
  • Build the confidence you need to reach goals outside your comfort zone.
The most successful women are often not the most talented, the most gifted, or even the most experienced. What these women have is a knack for communicating that opens doors and gives them influence.
Gleaning from powerful research, bestselling author and life strategist Valorie Burton unearths practical insights you can put to work in your life immediately. Scientific studies are proving the power of your success lies in the very words you speak – and the ones you don’t. Let Valorie teach you how to…

  • Recognize the nuances in speech that can mean the difference between success and failure
  • Increase your influence by changing what you think and say in critical moments
  • Speak accurately about yourself so you don’t sabotage your most meaningful goals
  • Boost your confidence by making small, fun tweaks in your everyday life

Your words are powerful tools. It’s time to use them to build the life you really want.

Happier people are more productive, perform better and are more engaged in their work and with customers. When organizations invest in helping employees be happier, it impacts morale and the bottom line. Women have more education, more money, and more choices than ever before. Yet, research shows we are less happy than women 40 years ago. Today, we can “have it all.” So why is happiness declining?

Valorie Burton will help your audience unlock the secrets to their personal happiness allowing them to boost their joy right now, even in the midst of deadlines, children, marriage, dating and squeezing in a workout or girls’ night out. Through 13 happiness triggers, your audience will learn to:

  • Bounce back from workplace stress and adversity faster
  • Enjoy deeper satisfaction within their current role in the company
  • Balance personal and work life more effectively
  • Fight off depression, colds and other illnesses
  • Live longer!

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