While I was returning from a speaking engagement on an evening flight, the pilot announced that he expected we would land a few minutes early. Instead, as we approached, nearby thunderstorms changed the plan. We circled for more than an hour, watching daylight turn to evening. At first, I found myself—like many of the passengers—feeling agitated. Then I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and enjoyed a few moments of rest.

I’ve noticed that so often in life when we encounter a holding pattern, the natural reaction is one of frustration for having to wait. But a holding pattern serves a greater purpose—protecting you until the right conditions unfold that allow you to arrive at your destination safely. In our fast-paced world, we are tempted to believe that faster is always better. Sometimes, though, pushing for something to happen in the wrong timing can unnecessarily force you into a storm.

Today, I invite you to consider an area of your life in which you feel as though you are in a holding pattern. It could be a relationship, your finances, career, or health. Perhaps it’s time to relax and practice patience while you wait. Waiting may be your gift in disguise. Take a deep breath, trust God’s timing, and calmly embrace the journey.