Episode #31

Upward Social Comparison

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“We’re looking at expectations that might not even be our own, and beating ourselves up because we’re not meeting those expectations.” – Valorie Burton

Today we’re talking about how to stop those unhelpful upward social comparisons that can steal your joy.

We’ve all been there – you see someone doing something better than you and suddenly you feel discontent because you’re not there yet or guilty because you know you should be happy for them but you’re really just jealous.

Don’t worry, it’s natural.

But because successful women think differently, we must notice these thoughts and re-shift them to better serve us.


Decrease exposure, focus on your growth, and compare yourself to your past and future self – not others. (Tune in to unpack what this looks like practically.)

You have so much to offer and focusing on others’ highlight reels and comparing it to your reality is only going to distract you from your bigger purpose.

In This Episode:

– What are upward social comparisons?

– What’s the message in it for you?

– Why we compare

– Positively comparing upwardly for inspiration

– What to do when you over compare

– Downward comparison – who can you help?

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