Episode #32

High Achiever vs. Overachiever

Achieve Your Goals Without Burning Out

Being an overachiever is dangerous.

Overachievers often feel the need to constantly prove themselves through accomplishments, and tend to burnout because they’re never satisfied with how far they’ve come.

We can tend to think that being an overachiever is a good thing but realistically, it’s unsustainable. Instead, we should aim to be high achievers who focus on intrinsic motivation and personal growth.

This episode is going to help you distinguish several indicators of overachievement and the key attributes in high achievers that allow for sustainability in success.

Tune in to shift toward the growth mindset of a high achiever and away from the dangers of burning out from overachieving and never finding contentment.

In This Episode:

– Overachievers tend to overcompensate

– Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

– Overachievers are prone to upward social comparison

– Primary motivations of overachievers vs high achievers

– High achiever qualities

Resources Mentioned:

Happiness: Lessons from a New Science by Richard Layard https://a.co/d/ary9qvb

Personal Growth Plan https://go.valorieburton.com/swa58441289

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