Episode #5

Simple Ways to Boost Your Joy and Make Success More Fun

What are you doing to create happiness in your life? We are often fooled into thinking that success will bring happiness, so we chase material wealth, fame, or job success to make us happy. Science has shown that happiness is a pre-indicator of success. So what can we do to trigger more happiness?

Valorie Burton is back with some surefire ways to focus on being happier by being more intentional about the little things we do every day that can provide us with more joy.

Whether it’s calling a friend for a laugh, being of service to others, or exercising (even just a short jog!), there are myriad ways we can bring greater happiness into our lives.

Learn about happiness triggers, the Happiness Set Point, and how to get off the hedonic treadmill in this inspiring and practical episode of Successful Women Think Differently. Please join us!

“Happiness is the one thing we pursue for its own sake.” ~ Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

– Success brings happiness – or is it the other way around?

– Understanding subjective wellbeing

– What is the Happiness Setpoint?

– Taking the time to notice what you’re grateful for

– Being fully present and savoring the moment you’re in

– What are you looking forward to?

– The power of service

And so much more!

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