Episode #4

From Worries to Wins: End Catastrophic Thinking and Take Control of Your Negative Thoughts

Does your self-talk often spiral into irrational worst-case scenarios of what’s about to go wrong? There’s a word for that: catastrophizing!

Catastrophic thinking can make you anxious, with that awful feeling of foreboding or anxiety that something must be about to go wrong. We end up inserting fear, or a ‘false guilt’ into our thought patterns that can become permeated with negative thinking that gets us stuck – unable to step up and have a plan for whatever is actually going on.

Valorie is expertly encouraging us to ‘think about what we are thinking about,’ to shine a light on the scenario at hand and question the likelihood of our catastrophizing coming to pass.

Learn how to keep a lid on your catastrophic thinking in this relatable episode of Successful Women Think Differently. It needn’t steal your joy! Let’s find out how.

“You can think differently. You can begin to notice the ways in which catastrophizing is showing up for you.” ~ Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

– What is catastrophic thinking?

– How catastrophizing can kill our joy

– Why do we engage in catastrophic thinking?

– How to stop catastrophizing!

– How do successful women overcome catastrophic thinking?

– Appreciating the opportunity to be intentional

And so much more!

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