Coaching allows you to stand out and show up different for yourself and others.
– Valorie Burton

The #1 question I get asked? 

What is coaching? 

The #1 follow-up question? 

Why would I, or someone else, want to hire a coach? 

I love peeling back the layers to this question. Let’s start with what coaching isn’t. 

It isn’t a cheerleader. 

It isn’t a consultant. 

It isn’t someone telling you what to do. 

Coaching is moving from where you are to where you really want to be — all while navigating all the challenges and opportunities that will come up along the way. It’s being intentional about your personal growth, and asking the difficult and necessary questions.

And coaching isn’t limited to professional development. 

Coaching has been the cornerstone of my life’s most challenging moments. It allowed me to navigate and heal from a divorce. It empowered me as a caretaker when my mother nearly lost her life to a brain aneurysm. Coaching transformed me and brought to life the love and financial independence I sincerely wanted. 

So what’s coaching? 

Coaching is the answer to so many things we face; coaching is how we show up for ourselves and empower others to do the same. 

Why would I, or someone else, want to hire a coach? 

Because you’re itching to change your life and need the tools for lasting transformation. You’re tired of hollow attempts toward something better, and know that you and others could accomplish so much more and live more fulfilling lives if you had the right information.

So if you’ve thought about exploring coaching or becoming a certified coach, I encourage you to CLICK HERE, check out the intensive, and discover just how well it works.