Over the last seven weeks, I’ve shared seven key decision every successful woman makes – women, like you, who don’t want to look back ten or twenty years from now with regret. They are simple, but profound choices about your thought process:

Seven Key Decisions:

1.     I do not downsize my dreams.

2.     I focus on solutions, not problems.

3.     I choose to be authentic.

4.     I choose courage over fear.

5.     I choose relationships wisely and nurture them intentionally.

6.     I know my purpose and take daily action in the direction of my vision.

7.     I actively seek feedback and use it to grow.

This last decision can be a hard one, especially if you are sensitive to feedback. But it can transform your life. You need people around you who tell you the truth. Resilient people know this. And even when they don’t like what they hear, they listen, process it, and ask themselves, “Is there a grain of truth to this feedback, even if it’s negative?” Your limited perspective is not enough.  Be humble, and use failures and mistakes as learning tools. Put yourself around people who know more than you, and learn all you can from them.