This time of year, in the middle of the holiday hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget to care for yourself.

I want to challenge you to create something new. It’s what I like to call a self-care mindset.

This month in my Successful Women’s Academy, our theme is self-care. I use a two-part formula to ensure that you don’t forget to practice self-care daily.

Don’t allow guilt to make you believe that self-care is selfish. You can only consistently care for others when you care for yourself well.

There are two simple questions to ask yourself as you begin to practice self-care:

1. What do I need right now?

What are you noticing about yourself? Have you gotten tired? Have you become scattered? Do you feel overwhelmed? All of those things are messages that are trying to tell you that a need is not being met.

2. What could you do to honor what you’re noticing?

What could you shift or change? Maybe you need a break. Maybe you need to ask for some help. Maybe you need to delete some things from your to-do list altogether.

Look at that list and ask yourself how much of it is meaningful and how much of it is just a false urgency.

Active self-care would be to say, “This isn’t worth my time, my energy, or my sanity right now.”

Let it go.

What are you needing and how could you honor that need?

This month, I want you to develop a self-care mindset and take care of yourself. In doing that, you’ll actually find it much easier to take care of the people you care about.

Coach Yourself

Where am I creating a sense of false urgency this holiday season?
What are two or three things I can let go of?
How can I put self-care into practice this month?
What do I need? How can I honor those needs?