What do you do impulsively and it ends up stealing your time? Are you a social media scroller? Maybe you impulsively shop online. Or perhaps it’s your cravings in the kitchen that throw you off track.

I used to be an emotional spender. When I felt excited, I indulged my impulse to ‘treat myself.’ When I was sad, I got a little pick-me-up. But know which emotion got me to spend the most? Boredom. In the moments I was swiping because I “needed” this or that, I was actually craving stimulation. I needed to clear my head and reconnect with myself.

Today, when I feel impulsive or know I am going to have a more emotional-charged day, I plan ahead. I schedule in a walk with nature so I can clear my head — not online shop.

Practicing willpower isn’t about just getting good at resisting. To close that growth gap, you’ve got to learn to redirect your attention so you can reclaim your time and resources so you achieve the things that matter.

Listen to this week’s video about how you can reframe your craving and time-stealing temptations, and reconnect with yourself and your goals.