Going to work looks entirely different from what it did several years ago. Before 2020, most of us survived long commutes while wearing a suit. Three years — and one global pandemic — later, and many of us are Working From Home (WFH) in our yoga pants. (Heck, I’m writing this newsletter from home!) And while working from home is the norm, countless workers continue to struggle with balance and making WFH life conducive for their life. It feels like a circus: lots of juggling, walking on a tightrope, and loud noises in the background. The good news? You can be the ring leader of your WFH experience.

Here are my best 5 tips for ensuring working from home benefits you and your goals in 2023.

Set (& Honor) Your Boundaries

Maybe you’re living alone or perhaps you’re a parent juggling home school and work. No matter your situation, it’s important to set healthy expectations with those you work with. Keep them updated on your working hours, quiet zones, and bandwidth needs.

Keep Regular “Working Hours,” & Close Up Shop

At a traditional office, you go to and leave work at the same time each day. Working from home should be no different. Set specific working hours for yourself. Not only will it keep you consistent, but it will also ensure that you’re unplugging each evening.

Do Not Let Work Take Over The House

It’s easy to take your laptop into every room, but consider the subliminal message you may be sending to your brain: work goes everywhere with me. Is that the message that you’re really trying to send yourself? Instead, keep your work contained to one area or one room of your home and allow yourself to relax in the remaining areas of your home.

Leave The House From Time To Time

Who’s guilty of staying in their athleisure and not going further than the mailbox for a few days? Me too. Remember to still get fresh air and a fresh perspective while working from home. Break up your workday with quick errands or a walk with a neighbor.

Reach Out To People

Isolation can be so tempting when you’re working from home. But maintaining positive relationships is an important key to growth, fulfillment, and happiness. Find easy, realistic ways to communicate with your loved ones on a regular basis.

Today’s tips and so much more can be found in my book Life Coaching for Successful Women.