How you receive a compliment can determine how you receive success.
– Valorie Burton

Most of us set and achieve growth goals because we have big aspirations. We want to reach our full potential, and hey, a little appreciation and recognition would be nice, too. 

So, I’m curious, what do you do when the compliments start coming? 

Perhaps like so many, you struggle with accepting a compliment. You’re worried you’ll be seen as braggy. Really, you thought it was great? I thought the presentation could have been better. 

But compliments are no different than a tangible gift we accept for birthdays or holidays. When we receive praise, we’re not just collecting tokens of appreciation; we’re building bonds and meaningful relationships. 

Here are three reasons successful women accept compliments.

  1. They understand their attributes are worthy of a compliment.

A person can be grounded and blessed at the same time. Whether a trained skill or a natural gift, it is worth acknowledgment. 

  1. They understand humility does not come at the cost of gratitude.

Women are often made to feel like they must shrink themselves to be “good” or appear humble. However, this is a misconception. “But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.” Matthew 13:16. Further, we’re allowing someone else’s kindness to be of service to us.

  1. They understand and believe in their self-worth. 

Our self-esteem or self-worth can influence how well we’re able to take a compliment. The most successful and fulfilled women I know can relish in their celebrations and acknowledge the hard work it took to get to the finish line. 

So here’s this week’s challenge… I want you to smile and say ‘thank you’ the next time you receive a compliment.

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