How intentional are you with your words on a daily basis? Do you carefully craft each email, or reread your text messages before hitting send?

Now… how intentional are you with the words you say to yourself each day? Do you choose words that allow for exploration and anticipation? Are you thinking about how you frame things to yourself?

If you’re unsure, I have a little test for you.

Answer this: what do you have going on today?

Notice the small words you use between “I” and the activity that needs to get done.

Perhaps your answer sounds something like this…

  • I must finish a project for my boss.
  • The kids need to be picked up from school.
  • I’ve got to make a healthy dinner.

When we use words like “must,” “need,” and “got to,” we’re potentially priming ourselves for a day of resentment. According to a Very Well Mind, those who engage in negative self-talk or frame circumstances in a negative light are more liking to miss opportunities and experience increased levels of stress.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want any added stress to my day. And because of that, we need to flip the script…on ourselves. To take our power back, we have to speak positively about our circumstances.

Positive self-talk can look many ways. Most specifically, it allows us to reframe our perspective and have a growth mindset toward obstacles or inconveniences.

So how do we shift the energy from negative and resentful to positive and open? In today’s video, we’re going to explore the small change in wording that we can apply today. Not only will it help release self-limiting beliefs and help us move through challenges, but it will also build more excitement and abundance in your life.


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