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As human beings, you and I are wired to want and crave information…it’s a survival instinct. This means we have to be careful to not let the overwhelming amount of news, social media, and information being offered to us keep us constantly distracted.

When you aren’t careful to monitor when and how much time you spend consuming content, you risk losing your focus on the things that truly matter.

In my book, It’s About Time: The Art of Choosing the Meaningful over the Urgent, I talk about a simple exercise that will help you stay focused on what’s meaningful called phone space.

Research shows that our phones are less than arm’s length away from us 90% of the day. To practice phone space simply means keeping your phone somewhere that is more than an arm’s length away from you in order to keep you from being constantly distracted by your phone.

If you’ve been struggling to focus on tasks, work, or being present with friends and family because of everything happening in the world, be intentional to create phone space. Protect the time you have to work on important projects and spend with the people you love by putting your phone away during those crucial times.

With everything we’re experiencing right now, it’s so important to slow down, take a deep breath, and be present in the moment. Carve out designated times each day to catch up on the news and social media (but not first thing in the morning or the last thing before bed!), and let that be enough.

Be disciplined about it, otherwise, you’ll end up choosing what feels urgent over the things that are truly meaningful.

Coach Yourself

What are the most important things you need to do this week that will require you to practice phone space?

When will your designated phone time be?