“I’m not about perfection, I’m about excellence.
– Valorie Burton

If a close friend described you as a perfectionist, would you take it as a compliment or constructive feedback?

For some, being a perfectionist seems admirable. It implies that you stop at nothing until everything is just right. But just because something is implied, doesn’t make it true.

Did you know that fear can disguise itself as perfectionism? That’s right. Your need to find every mistake in a presentation …could be a fear of disappointing people. Your relentless quest toward healthy and clean living …could be a fear of rejection if you don’t have the “perfect” body. Your obsession with having the best-tasting side dish at the family potluck …could be a fear of disappointing people.

It’s not that striving for results is terrible. In fact, I would venture to say that a healthy amount of drive can inspire creativity, grit, and ambition. However, perfectionism can be so crippling that we abandon projects (before we even start them at times), find ourselves more frustrated than motivated, and ultimately fail to show up for our growth in a meaningful way.

We think perfectionism is going to propel us toward greatness, but ironically, it can be the very deterrent from accomplishing our goals or living a quality life. There is no balance in perfection. Perfectionism keeps our focus on only the results and outcomes, it doesn’t allow for grace, indulgence, or enjoying the journey.

But there is an alternative to perfection, and it will get you growth and results. Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with metrics or finishing strong. To learn how you can best show up for yourself — and ditch perfectionism once and for all — keep watching!