We tend to pursue success, because we believe it’s going to make us happier. 

It seems obvious and, generally speaking, we do get a little boost of happiness. However, research actually shows that it’s not success that causes our happiness… it’s happiness that actually causes us to be more successful.

When we have more positive emotion we do the things that are more likely to lead us to be successful. This habit of cultivating positive emotion might be my favorite habit in Successful Women Think Differently. 

This year we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Successful Women Think Differently with a new edition of the book! I’m so excited that this pocket version is available to buy for yourself or as a present for a friend!

Another way I am celebrating the first decade of Successful Women Think Differently is by sharing all nine of the habits in the book that make you happier, healthier and more resilient in this nine part series. 

Habit #5 very simply is: Cultivate great positive emotion. 

Being chronically unhappy can actually shorten your life. We not only need to process those negative emotions, but we also need to be able to balance them out with positive emotions.

We must find those moments to laugh, to savor, and to connect authentically with others, because doing those things creates better health and more resilience.

So I want you to ask a very simple question to coach yourself. 

What brings me joy and am I doing enough of it?

If you’re not doing enough of it, I want you to start scheduling it more often. 

Think about who makes you laugh, who you love connecting with, what hobbies you really enjoy, what kind of work you would just love doing, and make sure those things are in your life!   

It takes time to cultivate positive emotion, but sometimes it’s just those simple little things you can incorporate into your day that bring you more joy.

Even if you’re not necessarily trying to be more successful, by simply doing the things that bring you joy—you will be more successful. 

Those who have more positive emotion are more likely to get raises and promotions, be in long-term healthy relationships, less likely to get sick, and they’re more resilient! So be intentional about cultivating positive emotion. 

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Coach Yourself
What brings me joy and am I doing enough of it?
How can I increase my positive emotion on a daily basis?
How can I increase my positive emotion on a weekly basis?
How can I increase my positive emotion on a monthly basis?