Merry Christmas!

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Christmas day. Whether it’s just you, or you’re with family or friends, this is always just a beautiful time to get quiet and savor the gift of God’s love.

In the midst of your gift-giving and receiving, I want you to think about a gift you can give yourself.

It is the gift of wisdom.

If you look back over this last year, whether there were lots of great things that happened or you walked through some difficulties, there is a message to be found.

There are lessons. There is wisdom.

My hope is that you have intentionally noticed and grown through your challenges rather than just going through them.

Before you head into a new year, I invite you to take out a notepad or take out your notes on your phone and just ask yourself:

What’s the wisdom I’m taking away from this year? What is the gift of wisdom that I could give myself from my experiences? How can I be stronger and wiser in the New Year?

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Christmas. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life each week. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with others.

I pray that you enjoy a wonderful Christmas and step into a year of even more growth!

Coach Yourself
What challenges have you overcome this year?
Did you go through the motions or intentionally walk through challenges? How did you grow as a result of the obstacles?
What wisdom could you gain from this year?
How can you take that wisdom into the New Year to be stronger and wiser?