Episode #23

Is FOMO Driving You to Analysis Paralysis?

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The curse of having too many good ideas or options…

Is there any chance you can actually accomplish them all? And if you can’t, how do you choose which one(s) to start with, knowing that it might mean the other ones never come to life?

It’s like trying to choose a new movie to watch on Netflix and instead watching dozens of trailers only to look back and realize you’ve missed out on a whole hour that could have actually been spent watching one of those movies.

It’s overwhelming to say the least.

This happens to business owners all the time. You start a business and you think of loads of things that can contribute to your business success but you just don’t know where to start.

Well, that’s why Valorie recommends: “Don’t be a Maximizer.”

It means you need to break the thought pattern that says, “There might be something better.”

Instead, the key is to become a “Satisficer.”

Don’t worry, if you don’t know what these terms mean, it will all make sense after you listen to this bite-sized episode that will help you take your first step towards your next good idea.


“Satisficers are not slackers by any stretch. They are more content. They’re more efficient in their work. They miss fewer important opportunities because they have the time to focus on the things that truly matter.” – Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

  • Paradox of Choice by Dr. Barry Schwartz
  • What is a Maximizer?
  • What is Satisficing?
  • How to Satisfice
  • Voluntarily limiting your choices
  • Determining what is good enough
  • Why lowering your expectations doesn’t have to be a negative
  • Comparing your decisions with everyone else’s
  • About the Successful Women’s Academy

And more!

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