Episode #22

Boring Vision? Here’s How to Become Your Best Possible Future Self

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Things rarely just fall into place.

Sometimes, we look at our lives and everything we’ve accomplished or haven’t, and we wonder, “Are things supposed to be this hard?” OR, “Why do I feel stuck?”

And the answer can be found in one simple but powerful practice—your vision.

If your vision is unclear or it hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s likely what is holding you back from living the fulfilling life you desire.

Your vision should be a painted picture of your future. Vivid, specific, and not to be confused with your purpose.

Is your vision compelling? Does it encompass every part of your life? Have you shared it with those around you?

If not, when things get difficult, you might just give up.

This episode will guide you in creating a vision that moves you and ensures you don’t quit too early.

“When we don’t get clarity about what we want, it’s almost like we’re living by accident.” – Valorie Burton.

In This Episode:

  • Are you living someone else’s vision?
  • Is your vision guilty of one of these?
    • Not Compelling
    • Not Complete
    • Not Communicated
  • Vision Manifesto – How can it help you?
  • Your Best Possible Future Self
  • Self-reflection questions

And more!

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