Episode #20

Free Yourself From Negativity and Drama in 4 Simple Steps

My Christian campgoers will get this. Stick with me for a second…

Have you ever gone to a camp, been pumped up by the Holy Spirit, felt truly transformed, enlightened, and ready to change the world?

But then you get back home, your sister says something mean or wrong about you, and all that goes out the window?

For my non-Christian camp goers, it’s like going to a work meeting where you’re all on the same page, everyone has valuable feedback, and then you go back to work, and nothing changes; you’re just all complaining.

The point is that staying positive is easy when you’re surrounded by positivity, but it can be challenging when you encounter negative people and situations.

But as you know, we can’t let negativity take over our lives.

So what do we do?

We listen to this episode for the 4 steps to overcome negativity and remember that opportunities can arise from challenges. 

By following these four strategies, you can block out negativity, preserve your peace, and maintain your joy.

“A lot of times what ends up happening is that people that are button pushers, when you disable the buttons they like to push, they eventually just move on. It’s not any fun anymore. They can’t control you anymore.” ~Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

  • Exercising Discipline
  • What can YOU control?
  • Gratitude can shift your perspective.
  • Deciding who YOU want to be
  • Considering that God might be moving me out of this situation

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