Episode #17

Cultivating Positive Emotions: Your Key to Progress

Let’s face it: there are days when you just don’t feel like getting things done. On those days, what are the thoughts that can move you forward when you don’t feel motivated?

Valorie is sharing a simple yet valuable tool on how we can keep moving forward on those days when we can’t seem to get out of bed. Sharing a story from her father, sometimes momentum starts with just getting your feet on the ground. 

Learning that sometimes your feelings are not ‘the truth,’ perhaps you need to consider honoring the actions that will take you to where you know you want to go. And if we do this, a pre-determined intentional action, we give our feelings time to catch up.

Take writing, for example: rather than sit around waiting to feel inspired to start writing, take the action of sitting down to write. And surely, inspiration will follow! 

There’s also advice on taking a gratitude break, knowing when to phone a friend, and how to be intentional about cultivating positive emotions that will all help move the needle for you on those days when you simply don’t want to move at all! 

All of this inspiring content is presented with Valorie’s warmth and authenticity in an episode of Successful Women Think Differently that everyone will surely be able to relate to. Please join us.

“Our feelings are honest. But they’re not necessarily the truth.” ~ Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

  • Understanding that our feelings are honest, but not necessarily “the truth”
  • Honoring how we feel – and then the action above that
  • Learning how to lower the bar and shift our expectations
  • When we take action, we cause our feelings to shift
  • Cultivating positive emotion to shift your perspective
  • The importance of taking a Gratitude Break
  • Knowing when to call a friend for some reflection on what you’re going through
  • Knowing when it’s okay to take a personal day

And so much more!

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