Episode #13

A 3-Step Process to Increase Your Confidence Right Now

Why is it that women will only apply for a job when they meet ALL of the requirements, whereas men will apply for jobs when they often only meet half? There is a lot of research on how women underestimate their abilities and speak with less confidence about their accomplishments.

So, what can you do as a Successful Woman who Thinks Differently to start building confidence today? Valorie starts with an appraisal of the areas of our life where a lack of confidence might have prevented us from doing more. Maybe it’s a job you never applied for, or maybe it’s a relationship you didn’t believe you were good enough to be in. 

Upon reflection, you may see a pattern of inaction that played a part in your not seizing the moment. How we turn our thoughts into action is the antidote – and indeed a veritable definition of confidence –  that Valorie is asking us to embrace. 

It’s about taking a small action NOW and trusting our talent and ability. Seeing confidence as part of a cycle that leads to action, which brings success, and with it, more confidence is the smart approach that will inspire you as a Successful Woman not just to Think Differently but to TAKE ACTION too. And remember, that action starts with one small achievable step. Please join us. 

The definition I love most of confidence is that confidence is the stuff that turns our thoughts into action.” ~ Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

  • How a lack of confidence can negatively impact your opportunities in life
  • The difference between living on purpose and living by accident
  • Learning to overcome a ‘Then I will…’ mindset
  • Understanding the cycle of confidence, action, and success
  • What does self-efficacy mean to you?
  • Valorie’s podcasting journey as it pertains to confidence
  • How a personal trainer helped Valorie’s consistency (which builds confidence)
  • Starting with the small wins – and building consistently from there

Coaching Questions:

  • Where are you when it comes to your confidence?
  • What is a goal that you have that you’ve been putting off?
  • What is a doable step or action you can take toward achieving that goal right now?
  • When could you take that step?

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