Episode #12

3 Proven Strategies to Reign in Your Perfectionism

Do you ever find it difficult to complete any project because you’re still putting the finishing touches on it? Do you keep putting off goals because the timing isn’t right? In other words, is your perfectionism getting in the way of you living a successful life?

Perfectionism is a problem. Sometimes we talk about it as a humble brag when we say things like, “Oh, I’m such a perfectionist!” But the truth of the matter is that sometimes perfectionism can keep you from realizing your dreams!

Valorie is impressing upon us an important lesson in today’s episode of Successful Women Think Differently. And that is that excellence and perfectionism are not one and the same. Excellence is a process that accepts that you might make mistakes along the way, whereas perfectionism is, in fact, rooted in fear. 

Learn how to play out your fears of what will happen if things don’t work out quite as perfectly as you hope or plan. Don’t get stuck in the ‘what if’ of it all! 

Valorie’s three strategies to help you reign in your perfectionism and start galloping towards your dreams with a mindset of excellence are the secret sauce in this week’s episode of Successful Women Think Differently. Please join us!

“Perfectionism is rooted in that fear that perhaps you’re never going to be good enough.” ~ Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

  • Understanding the difference between excellence and perfectionism
  • Appreciating how perfectionism may be holding you back
  • Valorie shares how her aunt’s perfectionism prevented her from seeing her published masterpiece 
  • What do you fear will happen if things don’t work out exactly as you have planned? 
  • Asking yourself ‘What if?’ when roleplaying a scenario where your perfectionism doesn’t materialize 
  • Focusing on progress and not perfection
  • Setting your minimum standard (what does good enough look like?)
  • Perfecting your top priority

And so much more!

Coaching Questions:

  • What are you afraid will happen if you do it imperfectly?
  • What if that happens? What would you do?
  • What does “good enough” look like? Define it. 

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