Episode #11

Real Life Coaching Session: Pushing Through Fear to Bring Your Real Dream to Life

Have you ever talked yourself out of your dream? You know what you are capable of; start down the path, and then doubt or fear starts creeping in.

In today’s episode, Valorie coaches Tia. She’s a retired colonel who transitioned into the private sector and feels stuck. Tia is second-guessing herself as she enters unfamiliar territory in a new career where, for the first time, the next steps aren’t laid out for her, and she has to forge her own path.

If you’ve ever made a significant transition, veering off the beaten path, you know the fear and self-doubt that can creep up. But here’s the thing—we all experience it. The key is to find that extra dose of courage and take the leap into the unknown.

Get ready to eavesdrop on Valorie and Tia’s inspiring coaching conversation. They’ll help you uncover some hidden wisdom buried deep within you. Yes, you’ve already got the answers within you. Sometimes, it just takes a moment of reflection and the right questions to bring your vision to life.

Remember, your growth determines how far you’ll go on this fantastic journey. So, buckle up and join us as we unravel the secrets of courage and self-discovery. It’s time to tap into your true potential and embark on a transformational adventure.

Ready to embark on this excellent coaching session? Tune in now and let the journey begin. Who knows what remarkable things await once you summon the courage to take that first step? Let’s do this!

“I don’t believe in fearlessness. We all feel fear. What we need in the face of our fear is to get the kind of clarity that helps us to be more courageous so that we can keep taking those steps forward towards the vision that we have for ourselves.” ~ Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

– Fearlessness doesn’t exist.

– What would it look like to be courageous?

– What price are you willing to pay to have the thing you want the most?

– Security and safety as high values

– Putting money away to finance your passion

– The if-then planning method

– What if your fear becomes a reality?

– The distinction between doing something and wanting to do it

– What are your next steps?

– Using the skills you already have for your next steps

And so much more!

Coaching Question:

– What are your next steps, and when are you going to take them?

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