Some of the most successful people collaborate, communicate, and celebrate with others. We must be able to reach out to others if we want to be resilient.

That’s why the best advice for success is don’t go it alone.

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Successful Women Think Differently, we are walking through the nine habits to make you happier, healthier, and more resilient.

Habit #8: Don’t go it alone.

You don’t get any extra badge for getting through your difficult times by yourself. In fact, it’s a lot harder to even get through any challenge alone.

You have to be willing to collaborate. Reach out to find a mentor. Be willing to mentor others.

When we are in a community, we are stronger.

So who is in your core circle that makes you stronger?

If your circle isn’t as strong as you would like, what can you do to make it stronger moving forward?

The most successful people are intentional. They don’t go it alone. They communicate. They collaborate. They celebrate each other.

Don’t get trapped in the belief that you have to go it alone this holiday season. Success is a result of a strong community.

Coach Yourself

When or where in your life are you most tempted to go it alone?
Who is a mentor you can depend on? Who is someone you would want to have as a mentor? Who could you be a mentor to?
Who is in your core circle? Do they make you better and stronger? How can you strengthen that circle?