We all have fears, but fear doesn’t get to determine our actions. The first step to moving past your fear is to identify it.

In my research, I’ve found four core fears that hold us back. Let’s identify yours.

  1. Fear of Failure
    When you’re not making progress towards your goals, you can get paralyzed and stuck in the fear of failing.
  2. Fear of Success
    This may seem counterintuitive, but success can come with a lot of pressure, making it an easy place to get stuck.
  3. Fear of Rejection
    This has always been my core fear. This is when you fear disapproval from friends, peers, or others.
  4. Fear of Uncertainty
    Sometimes the unknown is scary. You get stuck wanting to know who, what, where, how, and why before you move forward.

Did any of these resonate with you?

It’s okay to have fears – we all have them! Give yourself permission to feel the fear, but don’t let it keep you from moving forward.

When you step out of your comfort zone, fear is inevitable, but it’s not a stop sign.

Your comfort zone will expand as you move forward in spite of your fears. Comfort zones don’t shrink back to their original shape! Once you start operating from a place of courage, you create a bigger comfort zone and become braver and braver.

Identify your core fear. Allow yourself to feel the fear. Then choose the brave option. Push past the fear into your newly expanded comfort zone.

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Coach Yourself
What is your core fear? How does that affect your everyday life?
When you feel afraid, how can you push past it?
What are some new things to try this week that you’ve been too afraid to try before?