Point to Ponder:

Doing work you love has a significant impact on your well-being.

“Do what you love, Val, and the rewards will come.” This was a piece of advice given to me by one of my mentors not long after I first began working. I was intrigued yet skeptical when he said it. If I followed my passion, would the rewards really come? I have since discovered that the answer is yes. One of the chapters in my book Rich Minds, Rich Rewards is appropriately titled “Do what you love and the rewards will come.” The rewards don’t always come overnight, but they do come in divine timing. What is it that you’d like to do (or do more of) for a living? The most gratifying rewards are fulfillment and joy, but today I want to share five questions that will help you reap financial rewards while doing work about which you are passionate. Whether you are starting a business, transitioning out of a career for which your passion has dwindled, or seeking that next promotion or job, answer these five questions to help you increase the financial rewards of doing what you love:

1. What difference are you passionate about making in others’ lives?

Notice I didn’t ask “what are you passionate about”? Instead, I want you to determine the purpose of your passion, which is using it to positively impact the world. That type of drive attracts opportunities that often lead to raises, job offers, and new business. To turn your passion into profit, you must fulfill a purpose that others need or want. Unfortunately, people and companies aren’t particularly concerned with whether or not you get to pursue your passion. They spend money on people, products, and services that fulfill their needs and desires. When you find a way to allow your passion to make a positive and needed impact on others, you have a winning formula!

2. Have you mastered your craft?

It isn’t enough to have talent. Allow your passion to fuel a desire to learn more about your field of endeavor and improve your skills and knowledge. Those who master their craft go above and beyond others in their field. They introduce new ways of doing things, inspire trends, and blaze trails that others follow. When you operate on this level, you open the door to greater financial rewards.

3. Are you passion-driven or profit-driven?

When you are passionate about what you do, you give 110 percent. Those who are most sought after for their skills are often those whose passion creates results that people need. Their passion for what they do sparks creativity, perseverance, and excellence—three traits that lead to long-term, consistent financial rewards. Success comes to those who are willing to stay the course despite challenges and distractions.

4. Do you know how to make money?

If the goal is to increase your income, then seek knowledge about how best to do that. Many people fail to earn more because they haven’t made financial education a priority. While passion is a key to attracting financial rewards, making more money also means learning to live below your means, asking for what you are worth, investing, and spending wisely. Take classes, read financial books, and learn lessons from those who are where you want to be.

5. Are you willing to take a leap of faith?

Fear is the biggest obstacle to pursuing your dreams. Many people insist it is a lack of money, time, or resources, but it is often a fear of failure, rejection, or even a fear of success that holds a person back. What is it that you’ve been wanting to pursue that you’ve been hesitating about? Take baby steps if you have to, but be willing to step out in faith. If you do what you love patiently yet persistently, the rewards will come.