Your Top 3 are your “Personal Triggers”

Your highest three triggers are your most dominant. These are the happiness triggers you frequently use and come most naturally to you. Nurture them and find new ways to use them even more to boost your happiness. You are very comfortable activating these triggers as they are unique to your personality and lifestyle. However, it is your Power Triggers (bottom three) that give you the greatest leverage to boost your happiness.

Your Bottom 3 are your “Power Triggers”

Your lowest three triggers provide you with the greatest opportunity to boost your happiness because these are the ones you use the least – and perhaps even neglect. By intentionally activating these triggers, you tap into new, scientifically-proven ways to boost your happiness. Leverage these triggers right away to positively impact your well-being in ways that will feel novel and intriguing to you.

Your Happiness Quotient: [hta_quotient]

Your happiness quotient is a numerical measure that determines how actively you use all of the happiness triggers. The higher your quotient, the more fully you are utilizing all of the triggers, likely resulting in higher levels of overall happiness. The maximum Happiness Quotient is 100 points.

About Your Happiness Triggers

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The 13 Happiness Triggers

Key decision: “Every day, I make sure I have something to look forward to.”
Anticipation is your ability to create a life that is filled with moments and opportunities to look forward to, and intentionally noticing what there is to look forward to on a daily basis.

Key decision: “Every day, I find a way to smile – especially on bad days.”
Simply stated, this is your expression of joy through a genuine smile and laughter.

Key decision: “Every day, I do at least one thing to brighten someone else’s day.”
Service is a habit and genuine enjoyment of serving other people.

Financial Savvy
“I aim to live on 75% (or less) of my income.”
Financial savvy is a habit of making financial decisions that measurably boost happiness, as opposed to financial decisions that decrease happiness or provide only short bursts of pleasure.

“Before I lay my head down at night, I write down the three best things about today.”
Gratitude is a lifestyle and habit of thankfulness that permeates your relationships and general attitude towards life.

“I speak to my family and friends more than I type and text them.”
Connection is a habit of genuinely loving and prioritizing relationships in your life.

“I minimize interruptions so I can fully engage in the activity at hand.”
Flow is the act of fully engaging in the moment or task at hand, even to the point of losing track of time.

“I give myself permission to play, be silly and have fun.”
Play is your ability to lighten up and also to enjoy activities that are purely for pleasure and fun, not productivity.

“I sleep. I rest. I embrace what is.”
Relaxation is the habit of letting go, slowing down, taking breaks, and trusting that all things will work together for good.

Winning Words
“Every day, I speak words of hope, peace, and love.”
Winning words, also known as “positive language,” is the habit of speaking words of optimism, hope and faith, and avoiding negative or pessimistic declarations and statements.

“I spend 30 minutes each day moving my body.”
Movement is exercising and getting your body moving on a regular basis.

“Every day, I enjoy a moment worth savoring.”
Savoring is your ability to actively savor and appreciate positive experiences in your life.

“Happiness is not the sole aim of my existence.”
Purpose is the act of knowing and living your unique personal mission in life.