Episode 15 – Give Yourself Permission to Make a Change - Valorie Burton

Rich Minds, Rich Rewards


Enhance. Enrich.
And Empower Your Life

Experience the rich rewards that life has to offer when your mind is elevated and focused on those aspects of life that truly matter. The term “rich rewards” does not refer simply to financial wealth. Rich rewards refer to the benefits of living the life you really want to live a life of fulfillment, joy, love, and spiritual well-being.

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Live a More Fulfilling, Less Stressful Life. 

This book was written from a very personal view point. Through my success and failures, I have learned that the mind is your most powerful asset for achieving any dream that you have for yourself. A rich mind nourished with positive thoughts, learning, and encouragement-can indeed reap rich rewards. In my first dynamic book,  I offers 52 simple, powerful ways to enrich your everyday life and do those things that will bring you the rewards you so richly deserve, such as:

  • Count your blessings.
  • Change your ways to change your life.
  • Create a vision statement.
  • Mind your own business.
  • Create your own opportunities.
  • Listen to your inner voice.

When you have a “Rich Mind” you discover your mission in life and live it on a daily basis.

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  1. Shon Bacon

    “To anyone looking for an inspirational book that discusses how to empower your life, Valorie Burton’s Rich Minds, Rich Rewards, is the book for you.

    “The book is divided into mini chapters like Count Your Blessings, Change Your Ways to Change Your Life, Listen to Your Inner Voice, Create Your Mission Statement, Write Down Your Goals, and many more. Each mini chapter is like a talk with Burton, her self. She gets personal with examples and illustrations that lets the reader know that she is not alone, that someone has made the changes to their life, and she can too. Exercises such as the Daily Blessing book, mission statement, and vision statement help you to put your wants and desires and positive traits onto paper, so that you can begin to utilize the good things in your life and benefit from them.

    “I definitely plan to start a blessing book and use the suggestions that Burton’s little, yet powerful book entails. Be the best person you can be, to yourself and others, and purchase this book today.”

    — Shon Bacon
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