Episode 15 – Give Yourself Permission to Make a Change - Valorie Burton

It’s About Time


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Discover How To
Live Timelessly.

A life that is meaningful. A pace that is natural. A load that is doable.

Even the most efficient amoung us feel as if we’re racing the clock every day – and we still never seem to get it all done. The new norms of modern life tap into psychological impulses that make it harder than ever to take control of our time. No wonder time can become a tyrant that leaves us chronically stressed, discontented, and feeling like we’ve never done enough.

When I realized that I was doing so much it was taking the joy out of even the things I loved, I decided to step back and consider how the urgent demands of life were taking over the meaningful. I began a practice I calls “living timelessly.” In It’s About Time, I will unlock practical, research-based discoveries to help you understand:

  • why you always feel like there’s too much to do and too little time to do it
  • why so many of us live in “time poverty” and how you can climb out of it
  • how to stop digital distractions from creating false urgencies that drain your time
  • where you can reallocate your time to reflect the values that matter most to you
  • how to pinpoint the core vulnerabilities that are keeping you stuck in time debt

It’s About Time helps you imagine a life that is meaningful, at a pace that is natural, with a load that is doable, and then enquips you with practical tools to make it happen. Because living with no margins might be the new normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

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