Why do some people excel and succeed while others with similar experiences and backgrounds languish?

This was a question I was asked more than a decade ago, and I ended up writing an entire book about it called Successful Women Think Differently. (It applies to men too!)

It’s my bestselling book, and this year I’m celebrating its ten-year anniversary! The book coaches you through the nine habits that will make you happier, healthier, and more resilient, so I’ll be doing a special series to introduce you to each of the nine habits. 

Let’s start with Habit #1: Believe you can do it. 

How you explain your successes and your failures actually explains a lot more about your potential than you think.

It’s not enough to know all the steps to take. 

We’ve all been in a position where we know the steps we need to take, but the person who can control their thoughts, the person with the most optimistic thinking style, is the most likely to be able to move forward. 

The way you explain your successes is super important. When good things happen, if you see it as something that you could repeat again and again, you have the right mindset. That’s how the most successful people think.

However, many other people see their triumphs as “luck.” They don’t take credit for the work that they’ve put in or for their contribution to their successes. In fact, they see success as a temporary thing. This is the mindset we want to try to avoid.

The key is to cultivate a sense of confidence. 

Maybe there is something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the confidence to actually do it. That’s okay. Start small with something you know you can do and work your way up.  

The most successful people aren’t perfect. They have flaws and insecurities. But, they intentionally notice when their thoughts are getting in the way and find ways to change their thinking in order to help them move forward. 

That thing you keep saying you can’t do, chances are you really can. But it starts with thinking you can. 

Coach Yourself

What is something you continually believe you can’t do?

What is something small you can complete to cultivate confidence?

How can you change your thought process to believe in your own abilities? 

How can success become more attainable for you specifically?