CaPP Graduates

We congratulate over 300 graduates from the CaPP Institute – Coach Training Intensives. The graduates whose names have a plus sign (+) are available for coaching services. Click on the plus sign (+) to read about their background, credentials, and contact information.

Coaches Accepting Clients

Location: Tampa, Florida
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 877-264-7699
Target Audience: Small Business Owners; Organizational Leaders
Abbreviated Bio: Lafern Batie, MBA, is a Business Strategist and Executive Coach with the Batie Group, a business consulting and leadership development firm. For the past 25 years, she has partnered with business leaders to deliver tangible results in the most challenging circumstances. LaFern works with business owners and organizational leaders across diverse industries to maximize their potential. Her clients rave about her high business acumen, ability to build strong client relationships, and commitment to helping them achieve results that exceed their expectations. From strategic planning and execution, to branding, LaFern is committed to helping businesses clarify, plan and achieve optimal success.

Location: Columbus, Ohio
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 614-353-0464
Target Audience: Individuals (male & female)/ Corporations/Nonprofit Organizations
Abbreviated Bio: With more than 10 years of experience, Toni is a seasoned marketing and communications specialist who has always had an eye for fashion and a desire to make people look and feel their best. Toni has worked with numerous professional development and nonprofit organizations that assist individuals on their path to self sufficiency. Her expert advice related to personal and professional image consulting, professional development and leadership development has served to raise the self esteem of those who participated, while assisting organizations in meeting their goals in service to both their clients and workforce.

Location: Gulf Breeze, FL
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: (252) 259-3432
Target Audience: Professional Women and Female Entrepreneurs
Abbreviated Bio:
Tameka Allen is a Business Strategist, Speaker, and the founder of The Dream Builder’s Academy®. After 12 years in corporate Human Resources, she successfully launched an online business and quit her job by helping other women discover and monetize her undeniable gift. Tameka has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach through the CaPP Institute, and a member of the International Coach Federation. When she’s not showing other women how to build their dream business, you can find her watching Scandal or spending time with her husband and kids. Learn more about Tameka and get inspiration and free business tips, at

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone: 678-425-0490
Target Audience: Women and Teenage Girls
Abbreviated Bio: Juwana Jackson is a personal development coach and motivational speaker. She works exclusively with women and teenage girls. Her objective is to empower clients to maximize their potential. She has been a personal development coach since 2008. Her professional background is in human resources management and real estate sales, but her passion is in empowering women through personal development coaching. She has obtained professional coach training from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute.

Location: Provincetown, MA
In Person or Phone: Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone: 508-246-2082
Target Audience: People in difficult relationships looking for help and support
Abbreviated Bio: Lynette Molnar is a survival specialist and law of attraction expert. A teacher, coach, spiritual mentor, and relationship evangelist, her life-coaching psychology is based on looking for the silver lining. By elevating people who want to be their highest selves and/or have the best relationship possible, her clients and students around the country love her unique insights and buoyancy. Showing you a different path and some different light to see by, Happy Endings is the version of the story she loves the most, and will give you the tools and support you need to get there.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone: Both
Email Address:
Phone: 404-981-4011
Target Audience: Women, Entrepreneurs, Faith-based and Non-profit
Abbreviated Bio: Candace Anderson is a life coach, trainer, and motivational teacher. She is committed to inspiring and empowering her clients and audiences to leap into new dimensions of purpose and productivity. Candace knows that her purpose in life is to guide others in finding and fulfilling their purpose.

Location: Fayetteville, GA
Email Address:
Target Audience: Young women (15-25), single mothers and women starting their corporate careers
Abbreviated Bio: A mother with more than 20 years of corporate experience, Sabrina attributes her success to having confidence in her abilities, thirst for knowledge, and an open mind towards change and faith in God. She gladly partners with women that are ready to make the changes necessary to achieve their goals

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: NA
Target Audience: Teens, Parents, Individuals, Women
Abbreviated Bio: Tracy has over 10 years of experience with teens/parents in metro Atlanta. Tracy enjoys facilitating Vision Board workshops, teen/ parent group coaching, and supporting clients in finding their True Essence.

Location: Upper Marlboro, MD
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone Coaching
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 301-877-8645
Target Audience: Women, Mothers, Business Owners, Non-Profit Executives
Abbreviated Bio: Kimberly Boyd Lewis has more than 18 years of professional experience with an expertise in mental health services and business management serving clients throughout the US. Kimberly’s primary customers are professional women aspiring to live a balanced and purposeful life.

Location: Chesterfield, VA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone Coaching
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 1-866-586-5794
Target Audience: Women
Abbreviated Bio: Carla Burrows is the author of “Yes You Really Can: Live the Life of Your Dreams”. Her clients are faith-filled women who desire to create and live their God-inspired dreams.

Location: Stone Mountain, GA (Metro Atlanta Area)
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 770 879-0002
Target Audience: Teens and individuals in transition
Abbreviated Bio: Lisa has twenty years in Corporate America as a project manager and trainer, and services clients in the metro Atlanta area. Her passion is for working with teens and individuals who are making transitions in life. She is a faith-filled coach using a holistic approach.

Location: Honolulu, HI
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 808-392-2986
Target Audience: Women and Men who choose to experience more purposeful fulfillment in their life personally and professionally
Abbreviated Bio: Lakisha is a whole life success coach and speaker, with over 18 years of proven strategic development, skills, and training to empower and enrich lives. She serves clients worldwide from her primary location of O’ahu, Hawaii.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Target Audience: General Market
Abbreviated Bio: Yvette Cook has over 20 years of leadership experience as a corporate executive and an entrepreneur. Her clients are men and women looking to discover and fulfill their life purpose and life passion. Her coaching is based on spiritual premises and practices.

Location: Avon, Ohio (Cleveland Area)
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 216-287-3382
Target Audience: Family and Youth, Women in Transition
Abbreviated Bio: Jacqueline S. Douglass has 39 years of experience as a Master educator and serves in the Cleveland Metro area. She is also an ordained elder. Her clients include families with children between the ages of 12 – 17, as well as professional women experiencing transitions in their lives and or ministries.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone Coaching
E-mail Address:
Target Audience: Individuals who are either entry level, career, mid career, or in career transition
Abbreviated Bio: Tonya Graham has over ten years of human resources experience in multiple industries. She has a passion for helping individuals to reach their full potential through diverse job experiences.

Location: North Central PA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 570-419-7695
Target Audience: Women
Abbreviated Bio: Christine Johnson has 10 years of corporate, non-profit and business ownership experience. Also familiar with the unique challenges of being a corporate wife and stay-at-home mom, she is eager to serve women in transition.

Location: Tucker, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone Coaching
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 877-976-5837
Target Audience: Women
Abbreviated Bio: Wallette is a certified comprehensive coach. She works with women who are pursuing their purpose, a goal, in transition, or have a desire to turn their passion into profit.

Location: Atlanta, GA
E-mail Address:
Target Audience: Women, Stay at home moms, female entrepreneurs, and faith-based organizations
Abbreviated Bio: Tia is the author of several books, and coaches others to “jump in” and live to the fullest. Her clients are primarily faith-filled women handling the responsibilities of home and career.

Location: Washington, DC
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone coaching (in-person at an additional cost)
E-mail Address:
Website address:
Preferred Phone Number: 202-747-5288
Target Audience: Women business owners, leaders, corporate executives, and any woman wanting to transform her life.
Abbreviated Bio: Tanya Morrison, JD has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. Her cleints are primarily faith-filled, entrepreneurial/professional women desiring to transform and her most passionate life.

Location: Jacksonville, FL
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 904-268-8287
Target Audience: Teens, Parents, and Women

Location: Savannah, GA; Richmond, GA; Midway, GA; Hinesville, GA; Valdosta, GA; Columbia, SC
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 912-884-7311
Target Audience: Women
Abbreviated Bio: Gwendolyn L. Myers has 32 years of federal experience as the spouse of a military member and as a federal civilian. She serves clients in Southern Georgia and the Metro Columbia Area and South Carolina. Her clients are primarily women who are in various stages of transition.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 904-268-828
Target Audience: Individuals, Teens and parents of faith with an emphasis on women’s issues
Abbreviated Bio: Mrs. Nichols addresses relational and emotional issues and has incorporated the techniques and methods of positive psychology and coaching in her practice. Her clients are primarily of a faith-filled background.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 904-268-8287
Target Audience: Individuals and couples of faith with an emphasis on men’s issues
Abbreviated Bio: Dr. Nichols addresses relational and emotional issues and has incorporated the techniques and methods of positive psychology and coaching in his practice. His clients are primarily faith-filled individuals and couples.

Location: Midlothian, VA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone Coaching
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 804-338-4055
Target Audience: Executive/corporate women who are ready for an “encore” career, but are not sure how to make money doing work they love
Abbreviated Bio: Charlene Nora has over a decade of experience caring for others in the healthcare field. After earning her MBA in Health Care Administration, Charlene went on to study employee engagement and job satisfaction. She realized that life satisfaction and job satisfaction are intricately intertwined. Finding work that suits who you are is the best way to lead a rewarding and satisfying life. Would you like to discover how you can earn money without a job? Be sure to claim your free consultation at

Location: Dallas, TX
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 214-704-3099
Target Audience: Business, Executives/Professionals, Parents
Abbreviated Bio: Sheena Payne has over 30 years of business leadership and management experience. She serves group and individual clients who are making a transition in their professional, family, and personal lives.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 800.816.2432
Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Professionals/Executives
Abbreviated Bio: Benecia Ponder is a professional speaker, author, and certified personal and executive coach. She is a leading total life transformation specialist for Christian women entrepreneurs helping them to navigate professional and personal transformation so they can live to their fullest God-given potential while enjoying an abundance of peace and happiness.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 443-803-4719
Target Audience: Business owners/professionals and corporate executives
Abbreviated Bio: Tia Robinson has over 10 years of experience in consumer marketing and business development for a variety of Fortune 500 brands. Tia Robinson Coaching works to support professionals and entrepreneurs nationwide in developing, acting on and achieving personal and business goals through coaching, counsel and education.

Location: Royal Palm Beach, FL
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 561-236-1727
Target Audience: Teens and young women ages 13-25 and educational leaders or aspiring educational leaders – women only
Abbreviated Bio: As an educational leader, teen (girl) wellness coach, and an educational empowerment coach dedicated to women, Dr. Moneek McTier’s mission is to educate, inspire, and empower girls, young women, educational leaders or aspiring educational leaders to recognize their innate capacity to accomplish their goals and dreams. Her program aims to teach girls, young women, and aspiring leaders how to connect with their inner strength, find purpose in their adversity, and take action steps that will lead to academic growth, personal advancement, and social and emotional fulfillment.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
E-mail Address: Please visit to submit an e-mail query.
Target Audience: Young Women, Girls, Parents, and Girls Advocates
Abbreviated Bio: Dr. Carla empowers parents to raise healthy and resilient daughters and inspires young women and girls to deepen self-awareness, build self-esteem, discover their true worth, and achieve their greatest potential.

Location: Atlanta, GA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone Coaching
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 267-304-3226
Target Audience: Leaders such as business owners and corporate executives
Abbreviated Bio: Demetria Williams is an educator, coach, speaker, and former accountant, with diversified experience in corporate as well as not for profit sectors. She combines her decade long career as a teacher, along with training taught by success gurus like Jack Canfield, to empower individuals to live their best lives.

Location: Jacksonville, FL
In Person or Phone Coaching: In Person, Skype, Phone Coaching
E-mail Address:
Preferred Phone Number: 904-263-6686
Target Audience: Anyone interested in transforming their life or career
Abbreviated Bio: Simone Williams has 25 years of training and development experience in leadership, sales, and team-building in the business world.  She is a Certified Coach with her current employer for 7 years, she also has 16 years in Christian Ministry. She serves group and individual clients who are making a transformation in their professional, personal and spiritual lives..

Location: Dallas, TX
In Person or Phone Coaching: In Person
E-mail Address:
Target Audience: Leaders and their spouses; General audience: seeking to reach goals connected to their purpose; relationally and professionally (limited slots)
Abbreviated Bio: Kelly is a clinical therapist with a 12 year background in crisis. Recently, touted as a ‘Top Coach’, Kelly has effectively coached cutting edge leaders in coaching, ministry and psychology. Kelly is a speaker, writer, coach, clinician and consultant. Kelly also enjoys the impact of her work as a Clinical Therapist at The Potter’s House Center for Counseling and Behavioral Health where she primarily services adult survivors of sexual abuse and their spouses.

Kelly’s company, NavigateU, Inc., ‘Navigating Todays Leaders Toward Tomorrows Opportunities’ is designed to coach and and consult high profile influential leaders and their spouses who have given their best out, while over time neglecting their own treasure within. Kelly has a BS in Psychology from Oral Roberts University and a MA in Counseling from DBU.

Location: Anywhere
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone
Email Address:
Target Audience: I help individuals build emotional resilience, strengthen personal relationships and find their life’s calling. I also coach small business owners through the process of reinventing their brand.
Phone Number: 415-225-3716
Abbreviated Bio: Stephanie is a certified Life and Executive Coach, Strategic Interventionist, published author, speaker, and strategic director for START Fitness®. She has performed life-coaching workshops for the Tennessee Army National Guard Warrior Fit Camp program, the Kentucky Army National Guard Operation Immersion course, Tennessee Army National Guard′s Children Attitude Motivation Program (CAMP), canfitpro and Empower Fitness Conferences. She has written for,, Foundations, Hooah, Military Spouse and GX®: The National Guard Experience. Stephanie is currently pursuing an MBA from King University.

Location: Brandywine, Maryland
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 410-963-8274
Target Audience: Not for profit and small business managers and executives. My second target audience is black gay professionals – coaching around leadership and management strategies.
Abbreviated Bio: I am a seasoned health care professional with over 17 years of experience in fiscal management, organizational change, health care finance, operations, health policy, strategic planning, Board Governance, health information technology, and public policy. I possess extensive experience providing technical assistance and trainings in the areas of leadership, management, conflict resolution, strategic planning, project management, fiscal management, team building, and organizational development for various corporations and non-profit and federal agencies, including HRSA. I am a licensed certified facilitator for Franklin Covey in leadership. I am the Chief Executive Officer of the Taylor-Wilks Group, a not for profit health care consulting firm in the Washington, D.C Metropolitan area. This organization is dedicated to providing technical assistance to non-profit organizations in order to enhance their operational and financial efficiencies.

Location: Columbia, S.C.
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone
Email Address:
Phone Number: 803-200-6013
Target Audience: Individuals and Ministries looking to identify/execute their purpose
Abbreviated Bio: Candace Sumpter is a humanitarian who faithfully helps people realize and fulfill their dreams and life’s purpose. She holds a BA in Psychology and has a professional background in marketing and public health advocacy. Candace is a firm believer in maximizing potential. Thus, she uses her gift of exaltation to motivate others to live life to the fullest.

Location: Washington, D.C. Metro
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Target Audience: Men, women, and teens; executives and clergy
Abbreviated Bio: Brian has over 15 years experience inspiring individuals reach their potential spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Location: Baltimore, MD
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 443-514-8866
Target Audience: Women & Minority Business Owners
Abbreviated Bio: Ms. Watchen Harris Bruce has over 28 years of professional experience in all aspects of banking. Currently, a Vice President & Business Banker at PNC Bank, Ms. Bruce provides expertise and executive coaching to women and minority-owned business owners and businesses to help them meet their short and long-term capital needs. She uses her consultative selling skills to understand the liquidity, payments and cash-flow needs of business owners. Prior to the Business Banking, she was a Community Development Advisor, managed community lending and investment programs for PNC Bank Community Development Banking Group. She has a B.A. in Community Planning and Management, M.Ed in Management, and is currently pursuing a Doctoral of Community College Leadership & Management.

Location: Goodlettsville, TN
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 615-977-9846
Target Audience: Women
Abbreviated Bio: In addition to being a Certified Christian Life Coach, Floretta completed her Master of Ministry in Leadership from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma, and received her certification in Christian Life Coaching from Professional Christian Counseling and Coaching Academy in Cape Coral, Florida. She has over 20 years of experience working in ministries/organizations, and has published a book entitled, It’s More Than A Job..It’s A Ministry. Additionally, she has written several church administrative and training manuals specifically designed for ministries. As the Founder and President of Equipping for Excellence, she is also an experienced teacher, lecturer, and Christian speaker.

Location: Limerick, PA
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 267-235-7246
Target Audience: Women who are stuck, in transition, or have recently bounced back from setbacks
Abbreviated Bio: Shonda provides personal and executive coaching to women that empowers them to transform their lives and fulfill their God-given purpose in life. Her goal is to encourage women to discover their dreams, turn them into reality, and take the necessary action to bring out the best in themselves. If you partner with Shonda, she will help you to realize your purpose, achieve your personal and professional goals, and finally live the life God has purposed for you.

Location: Columbia, SC
In Person or Phone Coaching: Phone
Email Address:
Phone Number: 803-302-7606
Target Audience: Women
Abbreviated Bio: Katrina Spigner is the founder and CEO of Re-Source Solutions, LLC, a personal and professional growth and development company. A Certified Personal & Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Adjunct Professor with over 15 years experience as a senior leader in the nonprofit, philanthropic, and higher education sectors, Katrina Spigner’s passion is unmatched and her dedication is in a class by itself, as she is deeply committed to helping people thrive. Katrina is the author of three inspirational books: This Is for You!: 31 Days of Life‐Changing Discoveries, G.I.F.T.: Growing In Faith Today!, and her most recent book, COUNTERFEIT: Lies That Cover the Naked Truth. Katrina’s heart’s desire is to “speak life” each time she is given an opportunity or a platform. As such, she has coached individuals and spoken to audiences all over the country. Whether one-on-one, in the classroom, through radio, television, or in whatever space, her goal remains the same – to touch the lives of others in way that makes them grateful our paths crossed.

Location: Reisterstown, MD
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 866-920-7020
Target Audience: People who want to know what they were born to do
Abbreviated Bio: Angel’s passion for personal development emerged throughout her own life experiences; which included abuse, adultery, teen pregnancy, low self-esteem, and welfare to name a few. Angel is committed to using the wisdom and insight she’s gained from her past to help others who know they were born to have, do, and be all their heart desires. The enthusiasm she has to fulfill her dream of steering men and women toward their true goals is reflected in the opportunities she offers through her coaching. Angel is professional coach and has a certificate in personal development coaching from the CaPP Institute.

Location: North Augusta, SC
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 888-458-7995
Target Audience: Women, CEO’s of Corporations
Abbreviated Bio: Marlena Daniel offers personal and professional coaching to individuals, small businesses, and corporations

Location: Arlington, TX
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 214-274-7429
Target Audience: Women, men, & young professionals who choose to experience more purposeful fulfillment in their lives personally and professionally.
Abbreviated Bio: Felicia Walker is a professional writer and strategic communicator with more than 10 years of experience in corporate communications, community relations and mass media. Passionate about personal development and spiritual growth, Felicia’s mission is to inspire and encourage people to speak their truth and live a full, courageous life every day.

Location: Arlington, TX
In Person or Phone Coaching: Washington DC, Maryland, VA
Email Address:
Phone Number: 800-399-9679
Target Audience: Corporate and Professional Business Women
Abbreviated Bio: Tujuanna is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of New Season Consulting Group, a multi-faceted management consulting and coaching firm, specializing in Executive and Personal Coaching and Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. She is recognized as a highly accomplished leader, strategist, facilitator, coach and speaker. Her career spans more than 20 years with positions at Freddie Mac, Verizon, MCI Telecommunications and US Airways leading Diversity and Inclusion, Recruiting, Employee Relations and Vendor Management. Mrs. Williams is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach who passionately serves corporate business professionals and executives, who are risk takers, who want to be fearless and want to uncover their true purpose. She is successful in helping clients enhance their leadership presence to reach the next level, increase their productivity and realize their full potential. As a former Fortune 500 executive she has experience and knowledge of the challenges leaders and organizations face; and has coached employees and leaders at all levels of the organization with integrity and credibility.

Location: Oak Park, IL (greater Chicago area)
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number: 800-399-9679
Target Audience: mid-to-senior level executives– in the public and private sector
Abbreviated Bio: Mitzi is Co-founder & Managing Partner of New Season Coaching & Consulting Group LLC, a multi-faceted management consulting and coaching firm specializing in Executive and Personal Coaching, Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, and Organizational Effectiveness. As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Mitzi is a versatile and dynamic leader who excels in individual and group coaching. Her experience spans 25+ years with Fortune 50 Companies – including PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble–where she held senior leadership roles in sales, marketing, operations, and general management. She received her coaching credentials from the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), her MBA from the University of Oregon, and B.A. in Economics from Davidson College. Mitzi is also a certified Productivity facilitator. Mitzi works with those seeking to maximize their impact, effectiveness, and influence in national and global organizations. She is passionate about enabling individuals to achieve optimal performance and sustainable growth, while living and leading balanced lives. Clients can expect to engage in bold and courageous conversations that are empowering, challenging, positive, results-focused and fun.

Location: Dallas, Texas (Metroplex)
In Person or Phone Coaching: Group Coaching (phone) Professional Development, Webinars, Teleseminars
Email Address:
Phone Number:
1-855-What’s N U (942-8768)
Target Audience: Teachers, principals, district leaders, superintendents, college professors and administrators, state and federal educational entities and organizations
Abbreviated Bio: Known by colleagues and others as being passionate, purposeful and full of energy; this experienced teacher, instructional coach, and teacher mentor has helped thousands of students; individuals and professionals take practical approaches toward developing individual instructional plans that enhance school climates, increase practical applications in the classroom, and coach educators toward personal and professional development.

In addition, Marcia has coached, trained teachers, and taught students in a variety of educational settings. She is an avid reader, life long learner and has advocated instruction using researched based evidence instruction and materials as the starting point. Also, Marcia has co-authored an action research with university researchers in literacy education. As a graduate student, she had an opportunity to present the action research on the “Effectiveness of Professional Learning Communities” at an ALER (Association Literacy Educators Research) conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Ask the right questions lends to receiving the right answers.” She uses coaching as a tool to help teachers uncover student academic challenges and improve teaching. She has numerous certifications. Marcia has an earned Masters degree in Education with a special emphasis in Reading from Texas A&M Commerce. She is a certified Personal and Executive Coach and Instructional Coach.

Marcia is a PhD student in Educational Psychology at Walden University. She has found positive psychology and educational researched based practices are excellent tools in motivating educators and helping them Be Resilient. Work to Live. Thrive!

Location: Virginia, Peninsula Area
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number:
(757) 827-0783
Target Audience: businesses, colleges/schools, organizations, clergy, People with disabilities & Youth
Abbreviated Bio: Ellen is an author, motivational speaker & disability awareness coach. She is the founder of Connections Access Consulting Services, LLC. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communications Studies from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia, and an Associates degree in Marketing from Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia. She holds a Personal and Executive Coaching certificate from The International Coach Federation, as well as in Partners in Policy Making (PIP), sponsored by Virginia Board for People with Disabilities. Ellen is recognized by The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services of the U.S. Department of Education Rocky Mount Technical Assistance & Consulting Center and Dan Hopkins & Associates, Inc., with a leadership certification. She is active in the disability community and holds several leadership roles. Clients, who seek her services, will be educated in the many facets of disability awareness. Visit her web site at:

Location: Metro Atlanta, GA area
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Phone Number:
Target Audience: Clergy, church leaders, and ministers. Women. For personal and group coaching.
Abbreviated Bio: Melanie is a writer, speaker and minister who is known for her unique ability to connect, encourage and empower others to believe and walk in the plans and purposes that God has for their lives. A certified personal and executive Life Coach, she is sought out for her passion for self-awareness through acceptance of spiritual truths. Through her coaching ministry organization, Intrinsic Asset Management, Melanie leads others toward the discovery of their best lives by taking part in the journey; with accountability and dedicated support.

Location: Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both and video conference options also
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Target Audience: Emerging male and female leaders working in either the private or public sector of business.
Abbreviated Bio: Ayodele is the founder of The McClenney Group. She is a certified personal and executive coach, motivational speaker, facilitator, and consultant with an ACC credential. She has over 25 years of experience working in the public and private sector as a high performing engineer, manager, and leader. Her successes include:

• Developing the skills of teams responsible for implementing organizational change;

• Creating cultural change and acceptance around new business processes;

• Systematically examining complex issues and developing potential outcomes;

• Coaching leaders to deliver their personal best while leading change; and

• Facilitating technical cross functional teams.

Clients who work with Ayodele will develop the skills necessary to achieve their goals.

Location: Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Target Audience: Women, Young Adults and Couples; Executives and Clergy
Abbreviated Bio: Darlene Byrd is a Life and Wellness Coach, Teacher, and Presenter. She is the founder and CEO of Choose2LIVE, an organization that provides practical tools and services that enable people to explore their natural talents, skills, and interests to design a life that is rewarding, gratifying and a journey of continual learning. Darlene is uniquely equipped and called to serve people who seek to live purposeful and passionate lives with joy, resilience and balance; people who want to reduce emotional and mental stress, increase energy, vitality and contentment and uncover their unique core values in order to live a life with meaning, direction and purpose. Specializing in creating Life Plans; Life Balance; Spiritual Development; Time Management; Nutrition and Wellness Plans; Marriage and Relationships; and Life and Career Transition, Darlene is determined to inspire everyone she coaches to Choose2LIVE: Resilient •Balanced•With Joy•With Passion•On Purpose.

Location: Atlanta, GA area
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Phone Number:
(800) 892-7917
Target Audience: Professional Athletes, Entertainers and Corporate ProfessionalsAbbreviated Bio: Kanta Cadogan, MSW received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Delaware State University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Howard University. She is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach (CPEC) accredited by the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute. Kanta Cadogan is also the founder of TW Achieve, LLC.
TW Achieve in Atlanta inspires clients to overcome obstacles, discover their strengths, and be their best selves in all areas of their lives.
Website: To learn more information about TW Achieve please visit

Location: Kilgore TX
In Person or Phone Coaching: Both
Phone Number:
Target Audience: Women of all ages and in every walk of life
Abbreviated Bio: Mitzi is a certified personal and executive coach, speaker, and writer.
She empowers women to achieve fulfilling lives, be intentional, reach goals, find their purpose and passion,gain confidence, increase their faith, and grow through transitions.


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LaKenzise Mayberry
Wallette McCall
Monica McCullough
Zakiya Mills-Francois
Monica Moore
Patricia Morrison
Alisia Moutry
Pamela Olsen
Jennifer Pitre
Dr. KeKe Robinson
Ramona Rogers
Barbara Shabazz
Felicia Shakespeare
Gale Taylor
Jasmine Taylor
Timeka Tounsel
Charmaine Tucker
Barbara Jean Wiley
Mary Wimer
Charell Wingfield
Cynthia Winston
Judith Winston
Charlotte Wright
Robert Maxey


Adrienne Williams
Andrea Swensen
Angela Johnson-Tisdale
Anita Gibson
Antoinette Ross
Arvis Hagger
Bretney Massenburge Zion
Camille Sheppard-Parrish
Chasity Thompson
Chelese Davis
Cherie Massenburge Zion
Clarissa Mitchell
Dana Williams
Darquita Burrell
Ellen Forbus
Erin Gallagher
Eugenia Gardner
Francezia Campbell
Grace Dyson
Gretchen Johnson
Gwendolyne Lavender
Helen Daniels
Holly Choquette
Janice Robinson
Jeanne Blackburn
Jennifer Cinadr
Jerrica Dodd
Joanne Greenman
Kate McKay
Kovia Hamilton
LaWanda Ward
Leanne Smith
Licole Dotson-Gidderon
Lisa Dewar
Lisa Herbert
Lisa Shaw
Lucretia Talison
Marcia Owens
Marisel Herrera
Michelle Shaw
Michelle Wolins
Naimah Raheem
Nawar Daniel
Nia Ricks Davenport
Nicole Dean
Pamelia Robinson
Patrice Morris
Pershama Dailey
Rebecca May
Robin Slaton
Rojauna McPherson
Sean Southern
Shani Faure
Sharmin Blue
Sharon Pardue
Sheila Johnson-Chaney
Shelly Masson
Sherry Dreuitt
Sonya Wright
Susan Joiner
Tahira Bell
Tameika Isaac Devine
Tammie Young
Tanya Powell
Tracey Veney
Twyla Magnus
Wayne Swan
Wilma Jones Killgo


Adonica Morgan
Alicia Booker
Alicia McKinney
Alyssa Best
Anthony Minter
April Cobb
Avis Jones-DeWeever
Beverly Claiborne
Blair Turner
Briggette Rockett
Chianti Lomax
Chibu Anyanwu
Christine Papworth
Clarissa Sparks
Clavis Anderson
Crystal Gibson
Cynthia Newman
DeAnne Davis
Donna Norman
Elston Montford
Erika Kendrick
Franka Baly
Gwendolyn Lewis
Jackie Smith
Jacqueline Denson
Jalyn Isley
James Giles
James Ward
Kathy Sutton
Keisha Oliver
Kimberly Young
Lakecia Harris
Linda Hansen
Lisa Shinholster
Lorice Harris
Marcie Wilson
Maria Battle
Marilyn Braithwaite – Hall
Mashona Davis
Melanie Deggins
Mischwa Murphy-McAdams
Monya James
Nakia Henderson
Natasha Dyer
Nicole Dean
Percy Mack
Raphaela Browne
Rashida Geddes
Rhea Edmonds
Rhenee Robinson
Rochelle Gilbert
Shauna-Lee Ruglass
Tiffany Murphy
Tonja Simmons
Tony Fraley
Vanessa Boone
Zack Reynolds Jr.


Adriane Harris
Albert Byas
Alethia Jones
Carmen Landy
Crystal Lander
Daria Willis
Darlene Henderson
Debra McDaniel
Erica Anderson
Galedria Mbah
Ja’net Bishop
Jackie Dennis
Jacqueline Kravitz
Joe Arroyo
Kara Moll
Karen Brown
Katrina Hunter
Kemba Shorter Mitchell
Latisha Butler
Lisa Becker
Lori Harris Fagan
Mandi Monaghan
Mavis Kelly
McKesur Finch
Mercedes Wilburn
Micah Bell
Mitzi Amato
Moneek Terry
Monica McQueen
Nathalina Rogers Tolbert
Neeka Clark
Nichole Lee
Paige Powers
Patricia Brennesholtz
Paul Brennesholtz
Robert Kuypher
Sarita Foxworth
Shannon Taitt
Sharon Bethea
Sheila Christy Martin
Sherrye Mitchell
Stanley Johnson
Steve Kout
Steven Schlueter
Solonia “Sunnie” Givens
Terri Gray
Terrie Foster
Whit McQueen
William “Fritz” Pollard
YaKesha Means


Paula Acuna
Jeanette Agostini
Michelle Anderson
Sharon Ball
Derrick Bass
Joe Bogar
Jason Bosch
Ronica Arnold Branson
Jennifer Briski
Bobette Brown
Pamela Campbell
Connie Clay
Sandy Corrigan
Danita Elkerson
Micah Fox
Michele Foxwell
Debbie Frapp
Andrea Grayson
Deborah Gray-Young
Zandra Harris
Nicole Hackbarth
Deborah Henderson
Stevette Heyliger
Gina Hill
Kashonna Holland
Andrea Imafidon
Mitzi Jasnicki
David Jones
Marc King
Brad Korn
Mike Kranz
Susan Landis
Dru Lee
Yolanda Lupton
Javier Mendez
Deborah Mills
LaTanja Moragne
Jessi Pore’
Carol Proctor
Ty Reid
Deitra Robinson
Myra Lisa Robinson
Susan Rosenbaum
Barbara Salisbury
Abraham Shreve
Adrienne Simmons
Tiffany Southerland
Carl Stange
P.J. Stratford
Cortney Tyler
Laura Wallace
Yvonne Whitelaw


Sherry Thornton
Patty Murray
Shante Bishop
RoLynda Shumpert
Candace Koelker
Sylvia Duncan
Sheila Kenny
Terri Pugh
Addriana Montalvo
Mary Ann Krabbe
Julie MaGill
Kristina Lund
Tamar Clarke
Cesley Burgess
Edwina Patterson
Michael Keiter
Donica Livingston
Chenell Barnes
Chrishonda Smith
Martha Jane Wilson
Nadine Gurley
Kim Jeans
Grace Dyson
Eileen Holtry
Jessica Houston
Jacquese Brown
Staphane Louis
Connie Carlson
Lynetta Jordan
Philisha Mack
Kristian Smith
Veronica Lee
Robin Ware


Iyea Brandy
Lisa Brown
Claudia Maritza Campo
Alisa Charles
Cozy Dixon
Alissa Duhon
Tameka Evans
Denise Foxx
Michelle Fulgham
Cameron Greer
Carletta Griffin
Ingrid Hawk
Tajuana Hill
Marlon C. James
Anide Jean
Allen King, Jr.
Mary Merriweather
Likeisha Mills
LaTondra Murray
Terry Walker-Smith
Regina Spicer
Alesha Williams
Teresa Wilson
Dana R. Wright


Aliyah Abdel-Malik
Lori Allen
Toneille Bent
Andrea Campbell
Andre’ Coates
Al Collins
Nicholas Cooper-Lewter
Stephanie Cooper-Lewter
Susan Dillingham
Brenda Faison
Candi Flowers
Toria Frederick
Clifton Gilcrest
Natasha Godwin
Corliss Jackson
Sheila Johnson – Chaney
Ernest Jolly
Ramona Jones
Nicole Mason
Charlena Ortiz
Judith Rapley
Burchron Smith
Tamara Smith
Cherie Wasit
Cynthia Williams
Tracey Willis
Fay Young


Lonnetta Albright
Wendy Anderson
Stephanie Bahar
Leslie Bessellieu
Sheila Carmichael
Cheryl Carr
Angela Coleman
Tamara Combs
Charisma Dockery-Smith
Catherine Franklin
Ruby Garrison
Gene Hill
Kim Johnson
Kisha Johnson
Jennifer Lewis
Rebecca Lyles
Rochelle Malone
Juanita Martin
Robin May
Latrice Milton
Patricia Owens
Debra Rainer
LaKeisha Scott
Dawn Tyus
Stephanie Weichert
Rose-Marie Whyte-Sewell



Carrie Covington
Lillie G. Battle
Shelli Carpenter
Lisa Chumbley
Chantia Daniel
Denise Dickerson
Ebony Dill
Vanessa Downes
Daniel Edwards
Shenell Evans
Paulene Goodman
Sonja Henderson
Michelle Levister
Kimberly Lewis
Wanda Sloop
Harold Taylor
Rosetta Thurman
Felicia Walker
Daphne Wright
Jazzmon Wright


Carrie Covington
Henrietta Dixon
Terese O’Neill
Francina Beal
Jermaine Davis
Kioka Dunston
Michelle Gielan
Ebony Glover, PhD
Rhea Gordon, PhD
Gail Krahenbuhl
Carolyn Love, PhD
Monica Morall
Tanya Morrison, Esq.
Beverlee Parker
Debbie Shea
Larema Smith
Tunja Smith
Mary Jane Tabler
Tina Wilson


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