What are you tolerating?

What exists in your life right now that isn’t quite the way you’d like it to be? You know, those things you put up with that you’ve been meaning to fix, but haven’t? Perhaps it’s the clutter piled up in your office or bedroom or your car. Maybe it’s the oil that needs to be […]

SPECIAL EDITION: Valorie’s Today Show Advice for Getting to Your Goals

Reaching goals isn’t just about knowing what steps to take. It’s also about how you handle discouragement, fear and stumbles on the way to goal. Research shows that the most successful people actually think differently on the path to success – and that mental toughness helps them to be resilient in the face of frustrations […]

What’s Your Purpose? Pinpoint Your Purpose with this One Question

There’s a scene from my favorite movie. I got to see that scene on the live stage when we attended The Color Purple on Broadway. From the first time I saw the movie 30 years ago until now, the words have always resonated with me. It’s the scene in which Miss Celie finally musters the […]

What Do You Need to Leave Behind?

In preparation for a New Year, I invite you to start 2018 by leaving some things behind. I challenge and encourage you each week to take steps toward your vision, to dream a bigger dream, listen to your life, and focus on what’s truly important to you. To do that, you must first ensure that […]

Resistance Means That There’s Something There!

A while back I hired a new coach, presumably to help me navigate the multiple transitions I’d made, and to get clarity of my vision moving forward. Several times, I hung up with my business coach feeling – to be blunt – a little peeved. I found myself pushing back on his tough questions because, […]

Who Will I Have to Become?

You know that really big goal that you want to accomplish? The one you can’t stop thinking about – that dream you wholeheartedly want and sometimes even wonder how you can possibly achieve it? There is a powerful question that helped me lay the groundwork to accomplish some of my biggest goals – and I’ve […]

What’s Your Takeaway?

What works for coaches coaching their clients can also work for you. Here’s what I mean. When faced with a challenge, it can be easy to find a solution and yet not grasp the greater lesson that could apply to new situations that arise in the future. By taking just a few moments to reflect, […]

Is this really necessary right now?

My New Book, Brave Enough to Succeed: 40 Strategies for Getting Unstuck will be out November 1st! This is a re-release of my popular book Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable. Get a FREE online workshop valued at over $125 when you order the book before November 1st. Do you ever have a habit of doing too much? You casually […]

The Powerful Question that Can Unlock a Breakthrough

A woman told me about her frustration in a relationship she’d hoped would lead to marriage. As we spoke and talked through options for getting the relationship to a better place, I sensed there was something she wasn’t saying – something that would shift our conversation and help her break through to the answers she […]

The Key to Getting to the Next Level

The first step to getting unstuck is telling yourself the truth. Most people never make it to that step. The truth isn’t always flattering. And we don’t always know what to do with it. But here’s the reality: The truth is the only thing that will empower you to breakthrough to your highest potential. Whether […]