Want a better relationship? Prioritize Positivity

What does it take to be happy together? Finding someone with whom you can be yourself, share a common vision, and where there is a mutual respect and love is foundational. But once you’re in a relationship – and stress, busy schedules and the demands of life set in – it is important to be […]

Who Is Your Wise Friend?

In what situation in your life do you need an answer to a dilemma, but don’t quite know what the answer is? Perhaps there’s a step you need to take or a conversation you need to have, but you’re stuck. Perhaps you don’t have the confidence to do it or you just don’t feel strong […]

Will This Matter A Year From Now?

One of my favorite coaching questions for deciding whether a battle is worth fighting is simple. Will this matter a year from now? If the answer is no, let it go.  Without noticing the fruitlessness of a particular battle, you can spend your time worrying or fighting for things that simply do not deserve your […]

How to Finally Have the Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding

You know that conversation you need to have? The one you’ve been putting off because you know it will cause a conflict, and the very thought of it sends a pang of anxiety to the pit of your stomach? Whether it is the co-worker who talks so loudly on the phone that it breaks your […]

Improve Your Relationship Instantly with Two Powerful Questions

What makes you feel loved and cared for by your spouse or significant other?  Maybe it’s a mid-day phone call to check in and see how you’re doing. Or surprising you with a little gift from your favorite store. Or helping you finish that household project you’ve been procrastinating on and just needed some encouragement […]

Three Questions to Ask Before You Say “I DO”

Thinking about getting engaged?  Daydreaming about saying “I do”?  There are lots of questions to ask before you make a lifelong commitment, but here are three critical ones.  Before you say “I do” to a potential spouse, make sure you can say “I do” to these…   If this person never changed, could you be […]

How to Deal with Narcissists, Guilt-Trippers and Manipulators

Have you ever had someone say something so upsetting to you that you found yourself quickly ticking off a list of counterarguments to dispute their assertions? You fuss aloud as though they are there, practicing what you are going to say – or what you should have said. You get sucked into rehashing the conversation, […]

What to Say When You’re Afraid to Say “No”

Do you ever struggle with saying “no”? If you get so anxious about declining a request that you end up going against your better judgment and saying “yes” or avoiding the conversation altogether, here are a few ways to authentically voice exactly what you need to say.   “Let me think about that.” Sometimes, you’re […]

What Kind of Love Do You Give?

Dear Friend, Happy Love Week! That’s what I like to call the week of Valentine’s Day. While we tend to make Valentine’s Day all about chocolate and candlelight dinners, love is so much more than tingly feelings and romance. In fact, I don’t think love is much about feelings at all. It’s about action. If […]

Carve Out Time for the People That Matter Most

“No man on his death bed ever said, ‘I wish I had spent more time at the office.’” – The late Sen. Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts When I moved to Maryland in 2003, my father serendipitously received a promotion to move from Colorado to nearby northern Virginia. We had not lived in the same city […]