What Is the Most Important Question you Need to Answer In Your Life Today?

One of the reasons so many people can’t find the answers they need for the challenges they face is that they ask themselves the wrong questions—or never bother to ask questions at all. As a professional life coach, my primary job is to ask the right questions. I ask the kinds of questions that shift […]

What Are You Putting Off?

What have you been putting off? Almost all of us delay necessary actions from time to time. I’m convinced that procrastination is one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives. There is something in your life that you know needs to get done. Often, it’s not even something difficult. But you’ve made it […]

SPECIAL EDITION: Valorie’s Today Show Advice for Getting to Your Goals

Reaching goals isn’t just about knowing what steps to take. It’s also about how you handle discouragement, fear and stumbles on the way to goal. Research shows that the most successful people actually think differently on the path to success – and that mental toughness helps them to be resilient in the face of frustrations […]

What One Small Step Would Help You Make Progress?

Do you feel overwhelmed or that you’re procrastinating on something that you know you need to do? Many of us get overwhelmed because we don’t break our projects or tasks down into small enough pieces. There’s actually research around this and I have a very powerful, simple question you can ask yourself to coach yourself […]

Is this really necessary right now?

My New Book, Brave Enough to Succeed: 40 Strategies for Getting Unstuck will be out November 1st! This is a re-release of my popular book Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable. Get a FREE online workshop valued at over $125 when you order the book before November 1st. Do you ever have a habit of doing too much? You casually […]

The Key to Getting to the Next Level

The first step to getting unstuck is telling yourself the truth. Most people never make it to that step. The truth isn’t always flattering. And we don’t always know what to do with it. But here’s the reality: The truth is the only thing that will empower you to breakthrough to your highest potential. Whether […]

How to Make Your Goals Stick

We all know that goals are important, but how do you make your goals stick? Research about goal setting says that your goals need to be rooted in what you really value. In order to persevere in the face of disappointments and obstacles, it needs to be centered on what really matters to you. There […]

How to Be More Productive and Less Busy

We wear busyness like a badge of honor: “How are you doing?” “Oh, I’m busy.” But why is “busy” a label you would want? Busy just means occupied. Doing stuff. Some of it purposeful. Some of it not. Some of it necessary. Some of it simply out of habit. If you find yourself regularly telling […]

Choose Progress Over Perfection

When I started researching about the subject of confidence for my latest book Successful Women Speak Differently, I ran across an intriguing statistic: Perfectionism is mostly a women’s issue. And it causes us to hesitate when it’s time to move forward. We too often believe we are not yet “ready,” so we hold out on taking […]

Are you over-responsible? 6 Signs You Have an Unhealthy Sense of Responsibility

Taking responsibility is the hallmark of a successful leader. Whether managing people, managing a workload, or managing a household, not much gets done if you don’t take ownership of the tasks that need to get done day to day.  But what happens when you don’t just take responsibility for your tasks, but for other people’s […]