What would you have to give up in order to have what you want?

Most of us have dreams, but why is it that so few actually achieve them? Without realizing it, many of us underestimate the effort it takes to get to a big goal. As a result, it can be really easy to have an expectation that starting that business, writing that book, getting out of debt, or losing those pounds should unfold more easily than it actually will. Then when months or even years pass and we don’t see progress, we can become disappointed.

When I am moving towards a big goal like writing a book, I have to give up social time. I don’t like it. I feel like I’m missing out. But it is a sacrifice that has to be made for a period of time in order to focus. The same can be said of saving money or losing weight. Even if your big goal is about finding a healthy and happy relationship, you may have to give up some old habits that are not so happy and healthy.

There is a critical powerful question that you must ask when you want to reach a big goal. I invite you to bring to mind your biggest goal. Perhaps one that you are frustrated has not come to pass yet, and answer this powerful question:

What will you have to give up in order to have what you want?

Whatever your answer to the question, keep in mind that you may not have to give it up forever, but be disciplined enough to give it up until you can get to your desired goal. If you set that expectation, you may be surprised at how inspired and motivated you are to do whatever it takes to get there.