All of us get stuck from time to time. Whether a relationship problem, work challenges, financial habit or health dilemma, inevitably on the path to our goals, something gets in our way.  As a personal and executive coach for over 15 years, there is one tool I’ve discovered can help you get unstuck again and again: A Powerful Question. I like to call them “PQs” (powerful questions) and starting this week, I will share with you a simple, but perspective-shifting PQ you can ask to get unstuck in the most common challenges of everyday life.

What message is being offered in this situation?

  • When frustrated, perplexed, irritated or stressed by a situation.


When we are frustrated or irritated about a situation, it is easy to get stuck in negative emotion. But in every situation that perplexes us, we should ask this PQ (powerful question):


What message is being offered to me in this situation?


The message is a gift. It is a gift that makes you wiser. It empowers you to make better decisions in the future.