All of us get stuck from time to time. Whether a relationship problem, work challenge, financial habit or health dilemma, inevitably on the path to our goals, something gets in our way. As a personal and executive coach for over 15 years, there is one tool I’ve discovered can help you get unstuck again and again: A Powerful Question. I like to call them “PQ’s” (powerful questions). I will share with you a simple, but perspective-shifting PQ you can ask to get unstuck in the most common challenges of everyday life.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, distracted or bombarded with requests, stop and ask yourself a simple PQ (powerful question) to regain your focus and use your time well:

What really matters right now?

Set a reminder on your phone – once an hour, twice a day or however often you need to. Get in the habit of pausing and choosing what really matters right now. When you do, you’ll find your days more productive, your stress lowered and your time used well.