Throughout my life, whenever I’ve gotten stuck – whether in a relationship or work challenge, financial dilemma or a stagnant workout plan – it is the power of honest self-reflection that has gotten me unstuck time and again. In seemingly dark, frustrating moments, the lightbulb comes in the form of a powerful question. The questions aren’t always the same, but they are always simple, the answers always altering my course.

I don’t know what dilemma you face right now. Perhaps a loved one has made a choice you don’t agree with and you don’t know how to make peace with it. Perhaps you are dealing with changes in your work, and you’re uncertain how to best handle it. Maybe you’re tired of waiting for the love of your life to show up in your life and feel ready to throw in the towel. Or maybe there’s a conversation you need to have and you’ve allowed fear to keep you from speaking up authentically.  Whatever your situation, there is a message being offered to you – and opportunity for growth.

Coach yourself with these four questions to discover just what the message might be in the challenge that frustrates you right now:


  1. Looking back years from now, how will you wish you had handled this challenge?
  2. What would it look like to handle this dilemma with grace, maturity and wisdom?
  3. If God himself were talking to you right now, what might He say to you about the situation?
  4. If you are to walk through this dilemma as the best version of yourself, what will you need to do differently?


My Challenge To You:
Uncover the message in your challenge.


Journaling Assignment:
Choose a current challenge in your life. Journal your answers to all four questions.



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