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When I made the decision to step on to the path of coaching, I pondered it for a long time…actually too long. Looking back I realized that becoming professionally trained in the art and science of coaching was one of the best investments I ever made in my career and my life. Within 3 months of completing my training, I not only earned back my investment but my business really took off. That dream isn’t just for me though. Many of the coaches we train have been able to build their coaching business over time. They’re able to do this because they learned how to be not only a stellar coach, but also how to build a stellar coaching practice. So if you’re ready to take that next step, to make your biggest coaching dreams come true, then register for our upcoming Coach Training Intensive. Join us October 8-10 in Atlanta, GA. We can’t wait to equip, train, and support you as you create your highly successful coaching business and your dream life!

Register and pay in full by MIDNIGHT ON MONDAY to receive 25% OFF plus automatic enrollment into a FREE group mentor coaching call with me!