It is great to savor the everyday moments, but that doesn’t mean the big moments aren’t important, too. They are. The everyday moments are your journey. The big moments are the destination. They are those moments in which you cross the finish line. And although it is more about the journey than the destination, it would be sad to treat the finish line as though it is no big deal!

Too many women are guilty of this practice, especially those who find themselves on what I call the “achievement treadmill.” If you are constantly moving towards the next big thing, you can dismiss the achievement of the previous big thing. Happy women celebrate milestones and achievements. They acknowledge the strengths of character required to persevere and the relationships that empower them to reach such milestones.

I call it magnifying the big moments. And the first step to magnifying a big moment is acknowledging that it is indeed a big moment. You landed that new job? Big moment. You just celebrated an anniversary? Big moment. Keep in mind, an anniversary could be a wedding anniversary, friendship anniversary (the anniversary of when you met your BFF, for example!), or a work anniversary (you’ve persevered and somehow survived three rounds of layoffs? Celebrate!). You finally met a goal that matters to you? Big moment. You’re still alive after a bout with breast cancer? Big moment. Finally purchased a home of your own? Big moment.

Here’s what I suggest you do to magnify your big moments:

  1. What moment(s) have you had recently or will you have soon that culminates an important journey in your life?

Whether you recently finished a project, met a goal, or reached an important milestone.

  1. What did it take for you to reach this destination?

Write in vivid detail the character traits you had to call on, the friends or even strangers who helped you, the setbacks you bounced back from, and the moments of hope that kept you going. This is a powerful exercise in savoring.

  1. What do you feel in this moment?

Consciously notice the emotions the moment brings. Do you feel light, like a burden has been lifted? Excited? Grateful? Thrilled? Satisfied? Savor those feelings.

  1. How will you celebrate?

Choose a meaningful way to celebrate your big moment. Whether it is a party where you invite friends and family, or some time off to bask in the glow of your accomplishment, or treating yourself or those who helped you to something special, don’t forget to celebrate.

So out of these four questions, which can you begin taking note of in this very moment? What big moments do you need to magnify starting today? Leave your comments; I’d love to hear from you!