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*NEW* Happy Women Live Better 3-CD Happiness Coaching Program
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Women have more education, more money, and more choices than ever before. Yet, research shows we are less happy today than women 40 years ago. If we can “have it all,” why is happiness declining? This package includes Valorie’s book, Happy Women Live Better: 13 ways to Boost Your Happiness Every Day, along with three powerful coaching programs that will move you closer to the higher levels of happiness that are within your reach.

    • Coaching Session One is focused on helping you tap into the happiness triggers research shows are most likely to boost your joy.
  • Coaching Session Two will walk you step by step towards finding your unique purpose. There’s a reason you are here – with the gifts, talents and experiences you have.
  • Coaching Session Three will provide you with time-tested strategies for setting and getting your most authentic goals and desires. You will gain practical insight about how to stay on track, conquer obstacles, and persevere to your finish line.

*NEW* Successful Women Think Differently: 7-CD Personal Transformation Course
SWTD CD Set ImageSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Scientific studies prove what the ancient wisdom of Scripture has shown all along: successful women think differently. They make decisions differently, set goals differently, and bounce back from failure and adversity differently. Valorie has developed a research-based 7- CD transformational course designed to help

  • Bounce back from setbacks and turn them into strategic advantages.
  • Speak up with confidence rather than settling for less than you deserve.
  • Sleep better at night feeling peace about your decisions.
  • Step out on faith to pursue a long held dream.
  • Change your mindset from “I’ll do that someday” to concrete goals with realistic action steps.
  • Renew the vision for your life that makes your heart sing!

In this 7-session teleclass, join Valorie and women just like you to unlock your potential one week at a time. Complete with homework assignments and insightful assessments, you will transform your thinking and step into the destiny you’ve always imagined!

Destined to Write – Teleclass on CD
Destined to Write
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Write, publish, and sell your book in six months or less with this 3-session, 3-hour teleclass on CD from Valorie! Does your vision include writing a book of your own? Do you want to know how to publish and sell a purposeful, high quality book? You can do it sooner than you think. In this three-week teleclass with aspiring writers, Valorie answers your questions about how to get published, create a title and cover that sells, generate media attention and attract bigger publishing opportunities. Whether you are writing a novel or non-fiction book, learn how to get published faster and better than you thought possible.

Destined to Coach – Teleclass on CD
Destined to CoachSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Do you want to become a successful life coach? Coaching is an emerging profession that empowers people to become all they were meant to be, identify what’s most important, and achieve it more quickly than they would on their own. Learn how to launch and sustain a successful business as a life coach in this 3-session, 3-hour teleclass on CD.Valorie explains what coaching is (and isn’t!), how to get started, and how to transition into a coaching – including training and marketing. You’ll also learn basic coaching techniques and the essential elements to become an effective coach who helps clients make major changes quickly and effectively.

Destined to Speak – Teleclass on CD
Destined to Speak
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Have you dreamed of becoming a speaker? Are you a speaker who wants to maximize his or her potential? This 3-session teleclass package from Valorie includes 3 bonus Q&A sessions (6 CDs total) and shares how to launch a fulfilling, profitable career as a professional speaker. Join Valorie to learn specific, step-by-step tools to make your vision a reality. You will learn how to identify your unique purpose as a speaker and your niche. In addition, you’ll learn how to craft unique topics, attract speaking opportunities, set your fees, and create the right marketing materials at the right time. This candid teleclass will help you set a compelling vision and a realistic, attainable plan for reaching that vision.

Essentials of Christian Coaching – Teleclass on CD
Essentials of Christian CoachingSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Do you feel called to coach? Are you sometimes conflicted about how to incorporate key spiritual principles into your coaching? Do you sometimes downplay your spirituality because you’ve been told it is “politically correct” to separate faith and business? This teleclass is for beginning and intermediate Christian coaches who want to use their spiritual strengths to be a catalyst for success in the lives of those they coach.You will learn powerful, biblically-based skills for effective coaching for life and business transformation. This information-packed program integrates core coaching competencies with Jesus’ lessons for living and His approach to effecting individual transformation. If you are ready to take your coaching skills and practice to the next level, this class is for you. You will walk away with tangible tools that you can immediately implement with those you serve.

This course will teach you essentials every coach must know, the 5-point Christian Coaching Model, the 12 Intangibles of a great coach, and so much more! A series of three, one-hour teleclasses on CD, plus 3 bonus Q&A sessions (6 CDs total) by Valorie. Learn how to allow God to work through you to effectively inspire, support and facilitate transformation in others.

(Recommended prerequisite: Destined to Coach! Teleclass on CD).

Six Figure Sales Habits for Solo Entrepreneurs – Teleclass on CD
Six Figure Sales Habits
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This 3-session teleclass from Valorie reveals how to realistically and consistently generate at least $100,000 per year working for yourself. Learn how to develop contacts, build rapport, and create win-win opportunities that take your business to the next level. Discover the path to financial independence and wealth building with a six-figure income. This 3-session, 3-hour teleclass on CD will teach you how to:

  • Learn what’s really holding you back from a bigger income.
  • Command larger fees and prices.
  • Make the mental shift necessary for attracting more money.

Successful People Think Differently – Teleclass on CD
Successful People Think DifferentlySocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Have you set out to achieve certain goals, but just can’t seem to get the kind of momentum or traction you expected? Are you sometimes confused about what path to choose or what direction to take next? If any of these statements describe you, it is likely that your foundation for success is not as strong as it needs to be for the level of success you are hoping.Valorie has developed a research-based life coaching program designed to help you create the kind of consistent success that is true to who you are in both your professional and personal life. Through research and years of coaching hundreds of people, Valorie has observed two critical principles:

1) Successful people think differently. They make decisions and set goals differently. They bounce back from failure differently. They tap into their innate strengths and look at life differently. They have a different set of thought processes that empowers them to produce the results they want in their relationships, finances, work, health, and even spiritually.

2) You must learn the skills to coach yourself differently through the challenges and opportunities you face. So that you can make the choices that will manifest your vision more easily and quickly.

This coaching program is rooted in psychological research from the emerging field of positive psychology – the study of how people become happier, more resilient, and successful – and it is aligned with biblical principles of success. Having completed graduate studies in positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, Valorie developed this coaching program by drawing from her own professional work as well as that of world-renowned researchers under whom she studied.

Teleclass Downloads

Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Goal Setting – Teleclass Download
Seven Secrets Highly Successful Goal Setting
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What goal do you really, really want to reach? If it really matters to you, it’s worth knowing the real deal on how to set and effectively reach your goals every time. Using research-based, practical strategies for achieving your goals, this 1-hour teleclass with Valorie will help you do just that. Rooted in the pioneering field of positive psychology, you will walk away with new-found knowledge you can put into practice today. Download this audio and the accompanying notes will be sent to you via email separately. Get started in a matter of minutes!

Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Coaches – Teleclass Download
Seven Secrets Highly Effective CoachingSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Do you know the secrets of highly effective coaches? More importantly, are you taking advantage of their key strategies to create the kind of business you want? In this 1-hour teleclass, Valorie teaches the seven secrets (plus a bonus!) that effective coaches implement on a regular basis to achieve and sustain professional success. Use this recorded information to jumpstart your coaching practice. Implement the seven strategies, then watch your business soar! Download the audio file and the accompanying worksheet. Get started today!