Personal Coaching On-Demand

Personal Coaching on-DemandWhat if you had a master coach available at a moment’s notice to help you make a key decision, achieve a major goal, or overcome a personal struggle? With Personal Coaching On-Demand from Valorie Burton, you get expert insights to use in the midst of your situation anytime, anywhere. Imagine receiving expert advice on demand whenever you need it.

Each coaching session from Valorie provides 45 – 55 minutes of audio instruction that is specifically geared to the topics listed below. In addition, a PDF download of unique coaching questions along with a journaling section is included.

Even better, Valorie’s on-demand coaching sessions are only $25 each. Her normal hourly rate for an individual coaching session is $600 per hour. But, these sessions are set up in a similar format to her live sessions – at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can engage in the sessions and listen again as many times as you want to reinforce what you learn.

“Valorie Burton helped me learn how much time I was wasting on meaningless activities and taking away from the things I really want to participate in. With my new insight, I started getting back into goal setting and working towards achieving those goals. Thank you!”
Joanna A.

Personal Coaching On-Demand Coaching Session Topics


Master Goal Setting and Goal Getting

Ready? Set…Goal! There is an art and science to setting the right goal – and getting it.  In this on-demand coaching session, Valorie teaches and coaches you with the latest research and time-tested strategies for setting and getting your most authentic goals and desires. Her instruction and encouragement will help you:

  • Set the right goals for this season of your life and make a plan of action to achieve them.
  •  Learn critical, research-based factors that will empower you to reach your goals.
  • Learn the three critical elements that must be present to motivate you to achieve a goal.
  • Gain practical insight about how to stay on track, conquer obstacles, and persevere to your finish line.

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Get Unstuck Now!

Have you been feeling stuck?  No matter what area of life you’ve been stagnant, you can get unstuck and become unstoppable – starting today. Imagine an expert coach walking you through powerful questions that empower you to blast through your hesitation, fears, and start moving forward. This on-demand session with Valorie will coach you how to:

  • Stop sabotaging your success.
  • Get answers about why you do what you do.
  •  Conquer the fears that hold you back.
  •  Finally have the breakthrough that will catapult you forward.
  •  Create action and accountability today.

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Discover Your Life Purpose

Why are you here – on this planet, at this time, with your unique talents and experiences? Are you crystal clear about your life purpose?  When you know your purpose, decisions become easier. Experience the fulfillment of having a compass that guides you towards the life you were meant to live. In this on-demand coaching session, Valorie will help you:

  • Get clarity about your life purpose.
  • Live with a compelling vision for carrying out your goals and dreams.
  • Create more meaning and joy in your everyday life.
  • Discover how your passion, gifts, and experiences are meant to impact the world.
  • Articulate the influence that you want to have on others.

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Make that Decision with Confidence

Do you have an important decision to make, but lack the clarity to confidently move forward? Making choices with confidence and clarity will give you peace of mind and the security to know you are doing the right thing at the right time. This on-demand coaching session with Valorie serves as a resource you can use time and again as you face decisions in your career, relationships, finances, or other areas of life.  Step-by-step, Valorie will guide you using key questions to help unlock the right decision to make. Get the confidence you need to:

  • Make a wise decision faster and better every time.
  • Avoid regret and second-guessing.
  • Keep decisions and choices from paralyzing you.
  • Enjoy a sense of confidence and peace, rather than uncertainty and doubt.

$49.00 $25.00 Select options


Purchase all 4 sessions together for $89

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